i’m so not ready

to show pics of my house! but whatever! for now my passion will have to be plants… i still don’t have much and who knows how long it will be till my design dreams are fully realized ;p

but i got what i need so this will have to suffice for now! more to come!

August 4, 2008. Decorating, Florida.


  1. cityfarmer replied:

    I’m liking what I see….like the quarry tile flooring and the openness…I am blessed with the kind of imagination that can see the place all finished in my mind eye

    …need some help?
    I’m in!


  2. My Mélange replied:

    Little by little, step by step…it will all come together. Don’t rush it…


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks guys! unfortunately home living is much more difficult than apt living so decorating has taken a back burner…my expenses have increased cause now i have issues to deal with like the plumbing: broken/cracked pipes, backups and floods, and that’s just today!


  4. Carol replied:

    the place could not be more Florida if you tried!
    Always less is more…
    So sorry to hear of your plumbing troubles! Hope they will dry out before your bank account does!

    ~*~Send good vibrations your way~*~

    PS Love the Mexican Saltillo tiles!!


  5. soniaroselli replied:

    Well, as someone who is a passionate business owner,like yourself, I always take better care of my clients than I do myself. You decorate others better than your own. It will come my pet, I promise.

    Can you come decorate my store “Esthétique” *hehehe*


  6. cybill replied:

    What a lovely little corner you have created, I want to come and sit in it!


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    i think you nailed it with the fact that i don’t put as much effort into my own home as my clients’!
    i just have the basics and add slowly, if at all!


  8. Wendy replied:

    It looks so pretty and so Florida!! I love your floors and the sunshine pouring in all those windows!


  9. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    It’s coming together perfectly. I love your little work nook! So bright and inspiring.


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