in love with love

with this photographer,

ahhh, paree

flicker, (thanks Di) and even my boyfriend! what a difference a day can make.

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it’s kind of freaky

love being back and the weather is beautiful but not loving what’s coming. i haven’t been here for a hurricane yet, hopefully i won’t have to out run it like we did last time. maybe earthquakes aren’t so bad…

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great to meet you

an indian summer (if you visit here, prepare to stare! ce’st magnifique!)

i’d like to introduce some of my new blog friends who’ve said hello in the past on some of the posts. this is the first time i’ve been able to visit them and am just in awe. it’s what i was hoping for, getting back to the wonderful world of blogging, blogs and beautiful bloggers! i wanted to share thse with you and pass them the award i was honored to receive! this is just the tip of the iceberg but yum!

these fabulous images came from my new blog friend, a girl from oz. hi girl!

another new acquaintaince is visual vamp from new orleans, who runs a tango and breakfast workshop there.

i’m thinking and praying for you over the next few days, valorie! i can’t imagine what you’re all going though.

this is a place to check out when i get down to so cal…that’s a whole other trip

(i know it’s not a blog but i just love this shot)!

more to come!

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