can’t get enough of you

this pic above is making me nostalgic for paris. it’s from one of my favorite blogs and taken by photographer pia jane bijkerk. she’s living an oh so charmed life. when i discovered her blog she was living on a houseboat!

hi everyone! tonite this post is dedicated to honoring my fellow bloggers. i was bestowed with 3 blog awards, each asking for 7 favorite places. so thank you to the following friends for the Brillante (is that a word)? Weblog Premio (is that)? Award!

and i pledge (hand over heart)
in accepting this award, agree to:
1. display logo and link to who gave it
2. nominate at least 7 blogs
3. add links to those 7 blogs
4. leave the nominees a message that they received the award

by the power vested in me i’d like to share this honor these new friends. each was discovered through the same friends who gave me the awards and playing on their blogrolls. :

the uber talented (and my new secret weapon), gemma comas blogging from mexico city, and showcasing the country’s old school charm, brilliant, talented and currently my idol, owner of bella bella stationery full of life, love and infinite ideas, the newly discovered kim so charming, sweet and loaded with beautiful pics who couldn’t love the women who make others feel gorgeous? and finally, another fresh new find for you to get lost in, be careful!

cause she’s this

and all that

ok whew! that took a lot longer than you can imagine as i was doing it between work and chores all day!

there is thing i have been dying to tell you (you’ll be glad if you got this far)…my boyfriend reps gourmet foods and i get to test them all hee hee! his latest is this organic tea. i made some to ice but have had it hot, lukewarm and cold. it’s to die for! check out the ingredients, they have an indescribable essence together. this is only one of maybe 10 flavors and it’s out of this world! it’s made by serendipitea tea

omg i usually snack at night but this is totally satisfying!

buona notte!

July 30, 2008. art, awards, Decorating, Design, Friends.


  1. laurie replied:

    congrads to you!!!!!
    of course i would LOVE to try some tea. it would be like having a tea party!!!
    and i can’t wait till this evening, when i have some extra time to sit down and enjoy those links.
    thanks for all your wonderful work!


  2. jo replied:

    yea… you’re sooo welcome!!! you truly deserve the recognition of one of those magnificent blogs…thank you for sharing even more glorious on-line journals…you have excellent taste and i can’t wait to lose myself on my next adventures into some really fascinating worlds from your chosen “7” ‘Brillante’ (i know is this a word?!)weblogs! such a pleasure visiting your world!!! xo jo;)


  3. Wendy replied:

    Ok Claudia! First- congrats on your awards- well deserved, I might add! Second, I am so tired tonight and will revisit tomorrow, but what great sights you mentioned!!! Of course, you do have great taste and such charm! This was fun and, I promise, I’ll be back.


  4. My Mélange replied:

    Congrats on your award. Thanks for all those delicious links :)


  5. dianamuse replied:

    Such generous offerings! And we can’t get enough of YOU!


  6. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    Yea for you!!!! You deserve the awards, I just love it here:) Thanks for all the great links as well:) Happy Thursday.


  7. cityfarmer replied:




  8. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I’m totally in love with this NEW (for me ) BLOGS !!!
    Thank you for sharing al your inspiring sources


  9. jo replied:

    thank you so much for this, you are so sweet :)

    nice to meet you and i am looking forward to visit each and every one of this awarded blogs!!


  10. Miss B. replied:

    Be still my beating heart…Gosh darn Miss Claudia I made the comment on my blahg that your barometer isn’t very high if you are stalking me, but now I realize it’s gone to idolization I am floored (and flattered) especially since you my dear are so very, very talented. Maybe I can get you and your boyfriend to adopt me?

    Thank you so very much for the mention (and attention)


    Miss B.


  11. Paul replied:

    You definitely deserve an award for your blog!
    You put a lot of work into it & it is always gorgeous – just like this post with all of the great links!
    Enjoy your tea ;)


  12. theparisapartment replied:

    aw thanks you guys, you always make me feel so loved! i have 14 more to add now. maybe set a goal of one per day so it’s not so overwhelming!


  13. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage replied:

    Congratulations on the award and thank you for the links to some new blogs I can now discover. Time to go and broaden my blog-rizens!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


  14. Passementerie replied:

    Oh dear! This is the sort of blog post I dread – a list of best and favourite blogs compiled by somebody with your taste. I predict days passing by unnoticed as I trawl blissfully through all of these. I’m not sure if I should thank you or not….


  15. Kate replied:

    I got that award too – and the spelling (brillante – premio?) made me laugh. Not that it’s not flattering and a very kind sentiment – but who starts these things!? Either way you deserve it. Your blog is a great mix of eye candy and journal. I love getting peeks into the minds of creative people. My mother is a decorator – so of course, I love anything having to do with making a house a home. Looking forward to more pictures of your new home.


  16. pia replied:

    oh claudia, i am so wrapped that you mentioned me, thank you!! I’m glad you like that pic – it looks so nice on your blog!! And I am still living on my little houseboat – I live here in amsterdam, and travel back and forth to paris for work.

    I’m envious that you get to test out all those gorgeous gourmet goods (what a perfect job!) – the tea sound divine!!! I’ll check out the link.

    Thanks again, you’ve made my day, have a wonderful sunday! xx


  17. rochambeau replied:

    Congrats to all winners of your awards!!
    I only linked to Pia so far, BUT Woah ~ get down beautiful it is!!!!!! Now I have all of these new wonderful places to visit, thanks to you!
    Love the logo for Blah, Blah, Blahg! It’s brilliant! Makes me smile!


  18. rochambeau replied:

    Wow that was amazing fun!! Thanks for the links!


  19. kayellen replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    You have so many wonderful posts for me to catch up on!
    Congrads on the awards too!

    Off to read so more of your blog,



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