don’t ever wonder

hello mes amis! i hope you’re having a wonderful summer night. i’m at home working, trying to get the web boutique situated and catch up on my blogging. (i wish)!

just thought i’d share some pics from over here. this is liz’s guest room and it’s turning into a serene getaway. i haven’t been decorating too much, so i’m living vicariously, can you blame me?

i mean, white cut velvet tiger pillows? and monograms? all from ikea

well don’t think i’ve given up on my frenchie side…i’m always on the lookout. poodles count, right? these animals are going to be our blogger’s interstate greeting card line. starting right here with florida. if you or your neighbors have any great animals in your area, send in pics!

well it is florida

but elk? ok now you know i am really very silly!

what happened to my marie antoinette life?!

but for now i can live with the animals, my reward is worth it!

well at least there are chateaux right around the corner!

if you need a little design exhale after that visual assult, check out Barbara Jacksier, who’s first book is about to be published:

yum! have a great nuit!

July 23, 2008. Decorating, Design, Florida, Furniture.


  1. Big Toe replied:

    you inspired me to find this (from your last post).

    ps are you coming tubing????


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hello my darling! i would love to come tubing! but would it mean leaving florida? i’m in the middle of a full blown addiction here!


  3. Kathy Delgado replied:

    Ikea? Wow–I love that place but had no idea! Glad you are smiling and enjoying life!
    I just ADORE Barbara Jacksier! Had a lovely bit of an afternoon with her in LA not so long ago….! What a gem!
    Have fun sweetie pie! Show your new abode as it progresses!


  4. rowena replied:

    Beautiful photos (especially the first). I love white, and those pillows are from IKEA?!?! I’ll have to go check that out the next time around. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. :-)


  5. My Mélange replied:

    I love those pillow….from IKEA??!!

    Don’t worry Claudia- I have found that the inner French girl never leaves you. It just needs to rest once in a while ;)


  6. kayellen replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    You are making me laugh with the birdbath and the deer with one antler?!!!Too fuuny:)

    Your guest bedroom is looking great with the white bedding!!!I didn’t know Ikea had those wonderful pillows!!! I will have to check out the closest California store…

    Don’t bring that deer inside! LOL


  7. franki durbin replied:

    I’m beginning to really like Liz! I could nap for HOURS in that guest room.


  8. Barbara Jacksier replied:

    Hi Claudia

    Thanks so much for mentioning my upcoming book. Liz’s room looks heavenly. It feels so nice and cool, and I love your poodle sculpture. I’ll be on the lookout for some local critters, but I doubt that they will nearly as romantic.


  9. Charlie replied:

    Lovely pictures, funny pictures, gorgeous interiors! I am so glad I am back! I have missed you my dear friend!


  10. Paul replied:

    Beautiful pics and a fun post! You must be enjoying it a lot there :)
    I wish I had bought into Ikea about 5 years ago!


  11. rapunzel replied:

    The white pillows…swoon….they are perfect for this sweltering Florida heat! (How are you bearing it?)

    Btw, I haven’t yet gone to the shop in Dania for that Artemis mirror but have it on the agenda for the weekend. I will surely let you know if it finds it’s way home with me!


  12. Di Overton replied:

    Today is my birthday and you are cordially invited to my party down by the river. Wear loose fitting clothes and don’t drive due to the excessive amounts of food and champagne that is on offer.
    Di at Designers Block


  13. melissa lewis - off the wall replied:

    Those pillows are Ikea!?!?!?!? What a great buy! I am headed over there right now to take a look. Loving Liz’s place more and more. Can’t wait to get a gander at yours:)


  14. sonia roselli replied:

    Awwww come on Claudia!!! How can you NOT HAVE PINK FLAMINGOS!?!?!?!!!! I mean, that is a sin right there! Turn in your FLAAARIDA card! HA HA!



  15. magdalene replied:

    Hello Claudia, finally,I get to peek at your house, so beautiful.

    The seahorse water fountain or just a deco in your garden? I love this so much! It’s nice to shop in Ikea. I have alot of my furnitures and fabrics also bought in Ikea.

    Hope to see more photos…enving you here.


  16. Gypsy Purple replied:

    Gypsy catching up… many many many lovely posts to read here…I`ve missed them!!!!


  17. Jrizzo replied:

    I love Fla. They have great thrift stores! ;) I love Ikea, they have a lot of great raw material… Jen R


  18. phyllis replied:

    “Visual assault” Ha! Thats a new one for me…I’m going to use it in my everyday speech now :) I didn’t see a pink flamingo here…


  19. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    fun post !!! I love your pictures


  20. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks you guys! for the record, the lawn animals are not in my yard! (but liz wants me to get a dog for my porch like she has cause it really does scare people for a sec, you should have seen the cable guy)!


  21. leslie replied:

    mmmmm- i want to take a juicy nap in that guest bedroom !


  22. cecima replied:

    very lurvely bedroom..wish i can sleep on that bed..huhu


  23. Yaya replied:

    I loved your blog when it was sooo Frenchy and I’m really enjoying it now that it has a tropical flair. I’m always looking for inspiration and treasures to purchase. You provide both. Can’t miss a day reading your blog.


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