waiting is the easy part

these are liz’s new shoes. and pillows. who is this liz?

we’ve been bff’s friends since ’93 when we met on 9th street where we both had stores. we actually came down to florida together the first time so long ago, and even rented some places together over the years. we’ve lived, traveled and worked together, and are basically just like sisters (even the fights)! somehow karma is bringing us together again, we’re both excited after 4 years to see why! she has amazing taste and is a stylist so there’s always plenty of shopping going on and something new for inspiration. (or to borrow :)

i figured i’ll keep posting her place since it’s easier to shoot and mine still looks exactly the same…till tomorrow that is! the waiting game is finally over, pros are coming to clean and wax the floors! i’m excited on one hand and so sad on the other.

i’ve come to know a little community here, my italian landlord, the old lady next door, the beach itself just outside. but i know it’s a good move for me, tho i’m going completely on instinct. here goes nothin…or a lot of something…here’s to the future!

July 9, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Lisa replied:

    Enjoy your reunion with your friend. Great pillows too.


  2. kayellen replied:

    Such a great shot of the shoes and the sofa with all the lovely pillows!
    Glad your settling in…can’t wait to see more treasures coming into your place!
    Maybe I need to move..I have many treasures that need to leave my place:)LOL
    Have a great time with your BFF


  3. Villa Anna replied:

    Oooh Claudia I can feel a book coming on about this whole sea change experience..hint hint lol

    Anna :)


  4. Paul replied:

    Sounds like a great friendship!
    As everyone comments on the shoes & the cushions, I’ll say the leg isn’t bad, either ;)


  5. Kathy Delgado replied:

    I toast in your honor to new beginnings (well at 9am, I toast Early Grey with lemon to you!!).

    I LOOOOOOVE the artsy shot of the shoe on sofa! Digging her entry table, too.


  6. Julie replied:

    Hi, I’d like some info on those adorable shoes… love your blog by the way, it’s so inspiring!! Also, when you use the color aqua it looks so fab, so soothing… I tried it and it looked like O.R. scrubs – why?? Too much green, not enough blue??? Help!


  7. Ana Alegria replied:


    I love your Blog!!
    It gives me so much inspiration. :D and your shots are always perfect!
    Please como to vist me: http://anaalegriailustracoes.blogspot.com

    Have a great day!!

    Ana Alegria


  8. Joy replied:

    ALWAYS go with your instinct. It knows.

    p.s. Great lookin’ leg!



  9. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    Ok…not fair! Liz has a killer place with great decor AND she has amazing legs with amazing shoes!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see more of your place as it moves along:)


  10. joanna goddard replied:

    gorgeous shoes! also, your apartment is so, so beautiful.


  11. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Future will be fantastic !
    I love to read this friends story !
    I love the 1st picture , this is SEXY and glamour !


  12. Di Overton replied:

    I love your best friend’s woven cushion. Good luck with the move


  13. Amy replied:

    THOSE….are some shoes! Of course I would break my face if I tried to wear them. LOL

    i’ll cross my fingers that your little old lady neighbor is not like mine was. Gak…..that woman was a thorn in my hide for years…..LOL


  14. Fifi Flowers replied:

    Love that first photo… very sexy! Nothing like being with good friends… Enjoy your weekend!


  15. christygriner replied:

    great pillows, great shoes, and great blog!


  16. julielight replied:

    Fabulous shoes, legs, pillows, sofa, flowers and entryway! Need I say more? :-)
    Have a fabulous weekend!


  17. courtney @ nesting instincts replied:

    beautiful pics! Liz is very talented! I’m trying not to be envious of your location ONE BLOCK from the beach. :-) Ah well, will live vicariously through you!


  18. rochambeau replied:

    Dear Claudia,
    So grateful your sister~friend Liz moved to town. When I move to Texas, my sister~friend Noelle will be only 3 hrs. away. Richard Bach said our “true” family is not necessarily our blood family, but the people we choose to as our family (my paraphrase). The fact that you have a kindred spirit so close is a gift! Her house is beautiful and I KNOW yours will be magnificent!!!! You have the best taste! Mike talks about it all the time!!!



  19. Sara replied:

    Claudia – I’ve visited your blog often…..awesome photos.

    I’ve listed your blog for the Brilliant Weblog Award. Please visit me at http://www.fifthchildstudio.blogspot.com for details.



  20. jo replied:

    bonjour, claudia! i found you through the amazing pia jane bijkerk and her fabulous blog…and i simply adore your style and your adventures are always fascinating! i’m such an admirer of your work and your GORGEOUS blog! i finally joined the bandwagon and have just started my journey into the blogosphere at http://labouroflovex3.blogspot.com/. you’re going to totally laugh but like sara above me,I just received an award for my blog and I’m passing the ‘love’ (The Brilliante Weblog Premio Award 2008) to you and 7+ other spectacular blogs…(there are so many out there to still discover…) so please stop by when you can to read my post about it, i would be so honoured with your visit… Thank you so very much for your BEAUTIFUL on-line journal and sharing so much inspiration with all of us…you make me dream of paris and I always look forward to visiting you and your world! xo Jo


  21. theparisapartment replied:

    liz says thanks and that the shoes are nine west!


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