keep on keepin on

liz’s place was move in ready. note to self: that’s a good plan.

how the hell she convinced me to move in to a fixer upper i’ll never know. talk about sweat equity… thankfully i have charming landlord who’s helping cover the costs to do the work. but what i’ve seen and done over the last few days is far from pretty.

she also has furniture. what was i thinking?

and those floors!

ah yes, the tour of liz’s petit palace ends with her terrazzo porch…

mine got its first round of cleaning and pressing yesterday as i prepped the garage for the cleaning crew (i didn’t want anyone to see it as it was, it was so bad)! today was interior cleaning and painting, both of which are going to happen all over again tomorrow! but covering up these horrifying colors was crucial for my aesthetic sanity and the entire place finally got primed today, whew! (these are of course before pics)

thankfully the kitchen and baths are updated so cleaning is the main thing

believe me, i made these pics look good. the last tenants trashed this place.

next task? painting the garage floor. then before i can move a thing in to the house, the terracotta floors have to be restored. how can you trash terracotta? i’m so on autopilot, but the end is in sight. must keep going…i could care less about furniture and stuff, as long as the bones are clean and polished.

btw, i need your opinion: do you leave spiders and their webs where they are or encourage them to relocate? (they’re outside, not in)

July 3, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Erin Gergen Halls replied:

    as for the webs…i leave them where they are, in an almost fiercely protective way, until i see them in a way (i never know what it might be) that makes me think, “they simply must go!”, and the inhabitants are carefully relocated. or i see a spider bite on one of my kids, and its all over!


  2. cybill replied:

    Your friends house looks just divine! That should be a good inspiration for you. In a couple of weeks when you are happily sitting near one of those beautiful windows overlooking all that green you will wonder what all the fuss was about. It will all be worth it. (i think spiderwebs should go, just relocate the spiders).


  3. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    can’t wait to see more …be sure I will come to check , one day


  4. Joy replied:

    No question – relocate! Let those buggers live outside where the good Lord intended them to!

    The house looks fab and I’m sure once you get your touch in there you will bein 7th heaven. I see a hammock! :)



  5. Wendy replied:

    What a great space! Good luck with it- it will be a palace when you are done- I have no doubt!!


  6. Claudia replied:

    Thanks guys! fyi the spiders are ALL on the outside, it’s just that they’re over the doors…i feel like they’re keeping the bugs out cause i have not seen any at all…are they dangerous or just scary?


  7. Amy replied:

    Outside, as long as I’m not at risk for walking face first into the web, I leave them and let them eat all the other bugs that could drive me crazy! In Texas we’re at risk for some of the scary spiders but I’ve never seen them and ours are all benign. The fire ants are different story though!


  8. jean replied:

    Wow, Claudia! I’m so excited for you, it looks like a really nice house! Wait until the girlies hear that you have a HOUSE. They are already clamoring to visit you in Florida. (Which will absolutely not happen until the weather cools off!) Love those terra cotta floors! (We’re putting terra cotta floors in our kitchen, too.)


  9. Alexandra replied:

    What a beautiful place! I love the hard wood floors and the architecture is incredible! :)


  10. Easy and Elegant Life replied:

    Wow! If the place looks that good with all the grime, etc…. Great windows, good jungle out back… and you’re at the beach? You will make it sing. Can’t wait to see the finished photos. Good for you taking the plunge, it will be well worth the effort.


  11. Villa Anna replied:

    Claudia, I think you’re fairly safe as Australia has most of the deadly spiders *ugh* lol. I believe in leaving spiders as they are cause they do clean up the bug life however I think they make a house look really unattractive when doors and windows are covered in webs so perhaps you could just relocate them to another area of your yard lol.

    Your new home does look like it has great bones! Cleaning rental properties is always a bitch. I have an investment property and it always sadens me when a tennant moves out and it’s been trashed. I guess they think not their home not their problem.

    I can’t wait for you to wave your magic wand and ta daaa!

    Anna :)


  12. rochambeau replied:

    Happy Fourth Friend,
    You apt and Liz’s abode are both Fantisimo! You’re getting close on yours! Fun to see your work in progress!


  13. Carol replied:

    OMG! It is just perfect for you! I know it will be the jewel in your crown soon! Help is just 24hrs away. Wish it was fall already. July & Aug are so hot. You know we will be down to play/help!
    You really put the ‘sunshine’ in the Sunshine State!
    C & T


  14. Mina replied:

    Your friend’s place is beautiful. Where did she snag that daybed/couch? Wow! Your place is gorgeous as well. I’m sure it will look so great once you are finished. All that elbow grease is sure to pay off!! About the spiders…. hmmnnn… don’t have that problem at my place. Maybe Florida is so hot in the summer they go elsewhere. Every now and then I see a spider and its web at my front door though and I just let them be… unless they are inside. Then it’s relocation time!


  15. The Lil Bee replied:

    Your friend’s place is completely gorgeous, but I have a feeling you will make yours look amazing, as well. I’m in the market for a house and I know it’ll be a fixer-upper, based on our budget, so I’m glad I’ve found your site for inspiration. Good luck!

    Oh, and I’d definitely relocate them. Really don’t like bugs.


  16. melissa lewis - off the wall replied:

    Wow, Liz’s place looks so glamorous. Love those silver sparkled pillows.

    Your place is gonna look just as great. And the pride you will have know how hard you worked doing it yourself is worth it!!!


  17. JENNIFER RAMOS replied:

    The place looks fantastic!! Good job.
    Cant wait to see more. : )

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More’


  18. interior house colors replied:

    […] about sweat equity?? thankfully i have charming landlord who??s helping cover the costs to do the House Colors – A Guide to Painting Your HomeInterior colors It may seem comical to paint […]


  19. Sheila replied:

    Wow, it looks great! You are very industrious!


  20. Alva replied:

    Those doors are freaking amazing!


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