from house to home

liz is moving into her house! it’s a block from the beach and me, so of course i’m in charge of decor :p

above is her inspiration pillow, everything will be muy tropicale! it has all the amenities we never dreamed of when we both lived in new york…washer and dryer, garage, driveway, and oh yeah, butterflies, a yard and 3 bedrooms!

and look what just happened next door…

it’s a bit smaller and i like that…and the awnings are navy! how nautical

a real fixer upper but something to think about anyway! it’s always fun to look dream! as for ‘the secret’, well i’m at the part where they say ‘i can do that, i can afford that’ instead of the usual internal dialogue i won’t mention. guess we’ll just have to see what lies ahead. they say we’ll be surprised in more ways than ever imagined. how true! i know this book is super hokey but i do love this stuff!

in the meantime i’m taking my own advice to add a little something each day even if it’s super simple, and took out all my gran’s vintage sheets, got green apples just because they matched,

made a curtain for the door, (read: hung a piece of fabric from a great resource i discovered yesterday…every fabric was $5 a yard)!

and have my extremely low maintenace air plant friends

ok back to work! happy weekend!

June 29, 2008. Decorating, Design, Dreams, Fabric, Florida, Friends, Living.


  1. psychmamma replied:

    Just came across your website through WordPress. Your photos are lovely and you have some great links! Happy weekend to you too.


  2. Barb replied:

    I love the book. Also, love your blog.

    Have a fabulous weekend.


  3. Charlie replied:

    Oh my goodness! I am so happy!!!! When do you move in? It’s your house you know!


  4. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love the tropical decoration ! looks so exotic !


  5. maryam in marrakech replied:

    I am so loving that house next door! Snap it up! Immediately!


  6. rochambeau replied:

    You have a new Neib!! Did you recruit?
    Anyway, your new $5- fab is tres fab and all you share is is wonderful to include the house next door!!!??? For you perhaps?



  7. Claudia replied:

    omg thanks you guys. guess what? you gave me the courage… i DID it!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Queen of Tarte replied:

    That house is darling…how fun to be right next to your friend. Love that green fabric and $5 yard!!!! Can’t wait to see more photos!!!!


  9. Sarah Hough replied:

    I live in Palm Beach County, too and you must tell me where you scored the material at $5.00 a yard, pretty please?


  10. Firefly Hill replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    Wow I love your new place! So many inspiring photos to look at. BTW, that green fabric is Sisboom by Jennifer Paganelli. Check out



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