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well it’s taken awhile to get into the groove after going back to ny for father’s day weekend. it seems like i travel so much that i never get roots down deep. i’m determined to stay put for at least 30 days! still being in ny was fun and shopping with carol for mr.g’s garden was a highlight. especially since the gardenias are blooming! watching the struggle made me want to rush back to my oasis tho!

so home sweet home, back to work, shopping, writing and finally blogging!

i’ve been taking clients shopping so it’s been a great way to get to see what’s hot and happening around town. oohh la la the selection! if you want a vanity, this is the place to get one from a deco dame who’s done with hers!

these pieces were all at a great place called m.a.d.e

they have tons of stuff, even all the old tables and chairs from the historic eden roc hotel.

vermillion was a goldmine. turns out a good friend of mine works there and we’ll be shopping for the store together!

this cool piece was in the sex and the city movie (candace bergen’s office)

these italian legs were so cute

they had a couple vanities

i fell for this one at tyler gallery

and i’m still a sucker for mirrored vanities

not to mention lucite!

FLORIDA oh FLORIDA how i love thee!

being here has brought out my love of nature of course and has got me thinking about changing my life to be more focused on the environment and all that jazz.

i started using this diswashing soap from seventh generation which is made from vegetable oil instead of petroleum. i really love it!

and from discovery, news that our sunscreens are bleaching the coral reefs and that can mess up the ocean’s ecosystem. go for organic, i don’t know if these will help but it’s a start!

i’m not sure why everyone always says that solar energy technology is being hoarded by the ‘government’ but i found this organization thru one of the antique shops: http://www.solar-aid.org

anyway that’s what i’m up to, besides having figured out how to take out the backgrounds in pics

obviously before

et après!

you use the tool polygonal lasso tool in photoshop. i’m telling you cause i always wanted to know and no one i asked wanted to give up the secret!

June 22, 2008. art, Design, Florida, Furniture, New York, technology.


  1. Charlie replied:

    Fab pictures! The guy on the bike with the chair on his shoulder is awesome! I used to live on 26th, across from the flea market lot, and that brougt back memories!


  2. Joy replied:

    Fab pics Claudia! It seems great taste in furniture follows you wherever you go….

    Ugh Photoshop, I like it – but it hates me! :(



  3. clarice replied:

    I have never been to NY but I can only imagin how amazing the shopping is. From your photos I can see. How fun, enjoy for me. Clarice


  4. Alkemie replied:

    Claudia – what GOrgeous Gorgeous pieces!! Thanks so much for sharing.


  5. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful secret and also these beautiful pieces of antiques !!!
    I ‘m totally in love with the picture of the guy on the bycycle


  6. My Mélange replied:

    I love everything with that French blue and gilt gold. They are my favorite combination. It’s no wonder those are the colors of my business cards :)


  7. kayellen replied:

    Hi Claudia!

    Love all your furniture finds! The guy on the bike is cracking me up!
    I agree the brass Italian legs are cool!
    Oh and that curio/vanity in Blue…so pretty!!We are putting up blue photos this week with Sadie’s… flickr.
    this would be a great one to add:)Thanks for taking us on your shopping day:) kayellen


  8. Di Overton replied:

    Don’t you think those Italian legs are so Ghost? I love them and could think of one million things to do with them.


  9. Paul replied:

    Wow, what a treasure-trove :)


  10. Betsy replied:

    Oooh I’m in love with mirrored vanities. I would like one for our new apartment but I haven’t found one yet :(
    You do find the most amazing things.


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