from house to home

liz is moving into her house! it’s a block from the beach and me, so of course i’m in charge of decor :p

above is her inspiration pillow, everything will be muy tropicale! it has all the amenities we never dreamed of when we both lived in new york…washer and dryer, garage, driveway, and oh yeah, butterflies, a yard and 3 bedrooms!

and look what just happened next door…

it’s a bit smaller and i like that…and the awnings are navy! how nautical

a real fixer upper but something to think about anyway! it’s always fun to look dream! as for ‘the secret’, well i’m at the part where they say ‘i can do that, i can afford that’ instead of the usual internal dialogue i won’t mention. guess we’ll just have to see what lies ahead. they say we’ll be surprised in more ways than ever imagined. how true! i know this book is super hokey but i do love this stuff!

in the meantime i’m taking my own advice to add a little something each day even if it’s super simple, and took out all my gran’s vintage sheets, got green apples just because they matched,

made a curtain for the door, (read: hung a piece of fabric from a great resource i discovered yesterday…every fabric was $5 a yard)!

and have my extremely low maintenace air plant friends

ok back to work! happy weekend!

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i wish!

i needed a lift, and this site makes me feel good even tho i can’t read a work of it. from denmark,

franske stemminger (photog) via min lilla veranda

what are those beauties?!

ahhhh simplicity…

over in a parallel universe (blogspot that is), i’m trying to figure out google adsense (i can’t put anything on this blog, so blogger’s my guinea pig). i added some google accessories to trick it out and of course worked on the ads. it’s not ready yet but it took till 3am to get even that far!

i chose marie antoinette cause she’s my most searched keyword. how do people find you?

you can even add uTube to your site and get referrals from clicks. just saying, since we all love to blog! or maybe you’re already an expert and can share some war stories?

well happy friday everyone! my friend liz just rented a little house near me so some friends are going over in the candle light to toast to it…and her for doing it :)

p.s. Silk Stockings with Cyd Charrise, (who passed away recently), is on tonite. i’ve never seen it!

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putting down roots

since i’ve been working from home, and now don’t have to invest in new apartment right away, i was compelled by forces greater than me go to home depot for some plants and flowers. i was there almost 2 hours, the selection was (unbelievably), incredible!

on another note, just wanted to send the biggest thank you ever to carolyn, a blogger turned lifetime friend, who sent me this wonderful gift. while we were together in paris, i was obsessed with finding vintage perfume labels. hers are stickers and gorgeous!! thank you so much girl! (and how about her stationery…it’s raised)!

on the other hand carolyn i’m cursing you too cause you told me about google adsense, and it just so happens i’m trying to decipher it tonite. what a maze! ok, well i’m determined to keep working so i’ll say goodnite all!

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