some ado about nothing

isn’t packaging everything? do we even care what they’re selling? i’m way into this kind of minimalism!

today i’m writing for no reason at all! just to post about…well nothing in particular except what’s crossing my path this very moment!

thanks to a comment from Deco Detective, i found these next couple of sites. interesting on a couple levels.

on this first one I really like their biz philosophy of having lots of small designers on one site

i’m a sucker for pages like these

natural pearl shell knobs are irrestible

really versatile bed for only £220.00!

below is a way to be green and funky. stanker turns oil into gold by making tables from barrels at:

et volià

basically i’m just saying hi today, just wanted to get out of my own head and be around beautiful things and surf your sites!

and i want to shout a giant THANK YOU to Sherri at theantiquecafe and antique paperie

for her oh so generous nature and taking the time to send this stunning assortment of beautiful things she makes. she also sent me ‘the secret’ which i haven’t read. can’t wait!

ok one thing i can share is redesigning my boutique, it’s time consuming but i want to be able to handle everything myself! this is it, i’m in the early stages, i’d love your opinion, is it too generic?

ok well back to work!

back for a sec to report, i read a magazine! something i haven’t been able to do for ages. ahhh it felt good…here are some highlights, it’s all from this month’s elle decor (us). i didn’t get to the links and credits yet but i will!

gorgeous turquoise chandelier

this was lee joffa

faux shagreen tiles

and finally sunset out the window, just what i was waiting for!…ok well have a great holiday weekend and enjoy some RnR!!



May 23, 2008. Decorating, Design, Furniture.


  1. a. replied:

    You will love “The Secret” – at first I thought it was sort of hokey but it really makes you think positively!

    Hope you are well – have a great weekend.


  2. Stephanie replied:

    Definitely not too generic – I think it’s nice to have something a little toned down because the photos will really stand out! It probably would even look good simpler, with less lines. If you wanted, you could always center the white area on a pretty background like brocade. Oh, I’m being too dorky here! Anyway, love the photos as always.


  3. Anne Maa replied:

    That shell door knob is beautiful!


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks stephanie, i think that’s a great idea about the lines and the wallpaper! i hope i can do it. it’s and more complicated then i even thought!


  5. Sandra Evertson replied:

    Ooo, the tanker table, is too much! I Love it! You always show the most innovative yet classic styles of furniture and the new design is Dreamy!
    Sandra Evertson


  6. Susie replied:

    Love your blog. I enjoy reading Sherri’s as well. I have some of her yummy tags Too! Nice to meet you, Susie H


  7. simplygrove replied:

    I LOVE the turquoise chandelier!!!! Such a gorgeous piece!! Always enjoy your blog. I just subscribed to it so I will be commenting alot more!


  8. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    It is nice to read you are enjoying a beautiful sun in Florida and you are reading magazines ! Just enjoying life !
    I love your post , gives à lot of inspiration


  9. The Deco Detective replied:

    Dear Claudia,

    Thanks for wishing Jon a happy birthday yesterday – he says thank you!

    And thanks for crediting me with the link=) I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months, and for an inexperienced beginner, it takes lots of time and also luck to find interesting stuff. I was really happy to discover that I actually had managed to write something that wasn’t “old news”!

    A lovely weekend to all!



  10. nel replied:

    Your blog is simply gorgeous! Lovely to drop by and be inspired. I think there is a real elegance in minimalism and I love the photos you have posted.


  11. rochambeau replied:

    Wait, wait!! That’s not nothing! That’s everything! Yes to your thoughts about packaging!! That is what kept me awake last night. Thinking about a certain packing! Another thing that is everything to me is the way things smell. I don’t care if they work as long as I love the smell. ;-)

    Today’s the day. I’m going to meet your friend. It is a glorious day here. Makes my heart smile.

    Sending well wishes,

    love that deco building, the last shot you took.
    Must go back down to the Marie Fete now!


  12. Cindy replied:

    More lovely photos ~ thanks Claudia! I like the new design of your boutique. It’s elegant, glamorous and feminine. Just like you.

    Happy Saturday~


  13. Charlie replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Amazing picture of the sunset! Love that that is what you look out to.

    I love the new website! It’s clean crisp and easy to navigate. If the customer has to fuss around too much to find what they are looking for they get frustrated. I love the feminine colors and the sharpness of your logo! Have agreat weekend!



  14. clarice replied:

    Akkkk love the oil barrel table. Who would have thunk, so cool. In my humble opinion your on the right track for your site. But it is missing, just a touch. I am not sure what. You are almost there. It just needs a little something, something. But you have way more amazing taste then me. So I know you will fiqure it out. Have a lovely day. Clarice-who like any present wrapped pretty


  15. rochambeau replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Stopping by to say your friend Mike is a TEN!
    We had so much fun. Your spirit was with us! If my email was working, or I should say when it does, will send pix.



  16. Country French Antiques replied:

    Hi Claudia..I’m with you on the packaging and I love your new boutique design! I need to redo my site too :(
    Missed your blog while I was away.
    The Secret is good but “Abraham Hicks” is even better!!!
    Hope your doing well!! Bisou Bisou


  17. Ro replied:

    Definitely not too generic. I like websites that are quick to load so I can get to the good stuff. I personally don’t need to hear music playing or animation loading. You have such a fabulous eye and your pix will be the dominant factor.
    My two cents
    – R


  18. Mina replied:

    I totally agree with your comment about packaging being everything. I am such a fool for nice packaging! I’ll just buy stuff cause I like the box. Ah! It’s bad!!



  19. Karen from A`Musements replied:

    The new design for your boutique is not too minimal it’s fabulous! Very chic, very fresh…. and I’m with you; that turquoise chandelier made my heart melt when I first saw it. Cut the picture out and went to the website… she designs beautiful pieces. Hope you rest well!


  20. Joy replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    I adore that first photo – truly, I couldn’t care what’s inside either – the package is divine. I am a sucker for good packaging – always have been.

    LOVIN’ the new look of your boutique. You’ve combined chic and simplistic seamlessly.

    You go girl!



  21. theparisapartment replied:

    we’re suckers for simplicity and beauty what can we all say? thanks for the input on the boutique everyone, that really helped. it’s just figuring out how to input all the info now that’s got me on the wrong side of the learning curve. but i’m determined!


  22. kayellen replied:

    Oh Claudia,
    You have such a great eye for treasures!
    Love your article… hope you are enjoying some warm weather in Florida!
    New site is very chic:)



  23. Di Overton replied:

    What a small world. I sold to Bodie and Fou who you have featured from Not on The High Street. I am loving the look of your new website.


  24. Lisa replied:

    Love the look of your new boutique web design. Good luck.


  25. My Mélange replied:


    Ahhh….pretty packaging!!! Don’t the French do it best?? Especially from Cote Bastide, with the worn label and French writing!! Love the new look on your site ;)


  26. spnfury replied:

    Pretty and amazing content :) And the site are good and fresh!
    to more interesting ideas please visit a cool website of Paris apartments.


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