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hi everyone! is anyone going to see sex and the city this weekend? well i’m finally back chez moi, working, doing yoga, watching movies and fixing it like i like it. it’s been 2 whole days of heaven!

so…then i was tagged by shawn at euroantiques which means homework! my mission is to tag 6 favorite blogs and tell 6 things about myself. don’t i talk enough about myself?

below are 3 blogs fantastique.

et à part ça?

Divan Fumoir Bohémien

Design For Mankind

this is actually a blog and online magazine. love her!

ok 3 more tomorrow… now to bed!

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some ado about nothing

isn’t packaging everything? do we even care what they’re selling? i’m way into this kind of minimalism!

today i’m writing for no reason at all! just to post about…well nothing in particular except what’s crossing my path this very moment!

thanks to a comment from Deco Detective, i found these next couple of sites. interesting on a couple levels.

on this first one I really like their biz philosophy of having lots of small designers on one site

i’m a sucker for pages like these

natural pearl shell knobs are irrestible

really versatile bed for only £220.00!

below is a way to be green and funky. stanker turns oil into gold by making tables from barrels at:

et volià

basically i’m just saying hi today, just wanted to get out of my own head and be around beautiful things and surf your sites!

and i want to shout a giant THANK YOU to Sherri at theantiquecafe and antique paperie

for her oh so generous nature and taking the time to send this stunning assortment of beautiful things she makes. she also sent me ‘the secret’ which i haven’t read. can’t wait!

ok one thing i can share is redesigning my boutique, it’s time consuming but i want to be able to handle everything myself! this is it, i’m in the early stages, i’d love your opinion, is it too generic?

ok well back to work!

back for a sec to report, i read a magazine! something i haven’t been able to do for ages. ahhh it felt good…here are some highlights, it’s all from this month’s elle decor (us). i didn’t get to the links and credits yet but i will!

gorgeous turquoise chandelier

this was lee joffa

faux shagreen tiles

and finally sunset out the window, just what i was waiting for!…ok well have a great holiday weekend and enjoy some RnR!!



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summer fête for marie antoinette

(collage above by artist Mme de Côme)

i’m supposed to be in france right now but at the last minute had a change of plans. if i’d remembered that marie’s party was in full swing i may have gone just for it. quel dommage! well, if you’re there, let us know how it was and for those of us stateside, i did a little research so we’d at least have some eye candy and cake. anyway it was a great excuse to get lost in her world for awhile.

Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais
3, avenue du Général Eisenhower
75008 Paris
Métro: Champs-Elysées Clemenceau
Tel.: 01 44 13 17 17
Closed Tuesday
Documentaries shown in the auditorium Wednesday-Monday at 2 pm
Feature films on Friday and Saturday at 6pm


if you can’t go you can see a bit here via Suzy Menkes

photo below via

there’s a special area for kids

marie for kids

boutique (what a selection! some faves below)

it’s inspiring to share a marie antoinette passion with so many. surfing for pics led me to flicker where i found lilidebretagne’s photos

and she led me to this sensational artist below was featured on the same site. her name is Mme de Côme but i haven’t been able to find out any info on her. do you know her?

ohh la la i love these!

ok when you start looking up stuff for marie it just gets to be an all out obsession:

here are a couple links with great pics and then that’s it, i have to work!

18th century blog

Maria Antoinetta


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