life as some know it

beauty and pain through robert polidori’s eyes

marie antoinette’s abundance

i couldn’t resist saying hello and thank you for my birthday wishes from the most beautiful blogging friends a girl could ask for! lovec

April 7, 2008. 1920's, Architecture, art, Books, Dreams, Furniture, Living, Marie Antoinette, the world.


  1. a. replied:

    I love Robert Polidori!


  2. cybill replied:

    Oh, I looked at those pictures and I YEARNED! Oh how I yearned.
    Have wonderful time off, I’ll miss you but thankfully I can always re-read your archives.


  3. Vicki replied:

    Have a wonderful birthday Claudia!!! You deserve it…the stars are twinkling today!!!


  4. Ro replied:

    I was out of town and out of checking in for a few days. Hope you see this belated (?) birthday greeting! Living life is about change and growing. We gotta do what we gotta do! Take care, ma cherie.



  5. dana replied:

    so so lovely!
    just a heads up, though–the sena jeter naslund book wasn’t great. instead read, “queen of fashion: what marie antoinette wore to the revolution,” which was fantastic!


  6. Carrie West replied:

    Oh my gosh… I am in heaven! alittle bit of Paris heaven!!! These pictures are amazing!!!!
    You always make me smile!!!!~

    take care lovely!~


  7. Jasmine Esbach replied:

    those pics are gorgeous and very inspiring.
    You have a beautiful blog


  8. Dorothy replied:

    A colorful, visual retreat from the typical day to day routines. These images that you so graciously share with us are much appreciated. A simple, yet unique reminder of the artful world that surrounds us all. Thank you for the journey, Claudia.



  9. theredvelvetshoe replied:

    That first image is transfixing. . .thank you for the gift during your respite!
    As always you inspire!



  10. Di Overton replied:

    The staircase is to die for. Imagine sweeping down that


  11. Paul replied:

    Really amazing photos, Claudia. I hope that you are enjoying your interlude!


  12. carol k replied:



  13. melissa lewis - off the wall replied:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Those pictures… GORGEOUS! I adore all of those wall finishes and the trim and woodwork. Absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to run to my studio immediately and start painting:)


  14. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love these pictures… they are so dramatic


  15. Karen from A`Musements replied:

    Happy Belated Birthday, “P.P”!!!
    Wishing you your best year ever! I think you must be off to a pretty good start, with the success of the show recently, etc. The pictures from Polidori are so wonderful. They remind me of interiors from New Orleans and other Southern destinations… very intriguing. Makes me want to live in peeling paint :-)
    Happy b.d. late!


  16. Sheila replied:

    Breathtakenily beautiful. Also, Happy HAPPY birthday to you!



  17. Alkemie replied:

    What gorgeous photos of a grand place! Boy does that place have amazing bones! Thank you for shaing Claudia!



  18. chatrine replied:

    I just love you pictures today, of all these old and big, big houses!! And I hope you had a great birthday! Congratulations from me!:)


  19. Leslie replied:

    Wow I think Miss Havisham is ready to move in!


  20. Felicia replied:

    Love the decadent decay look. Hope you had the best birthday yet! :)


  21. this is glamorous replied:

    I went to a gallery exhibit for Robert Polidori and it was just breathtaking.


  22. Emily replied:

    Happy belated birthday! Gorgeous pictures!


  23. Polly replied:

    My stars is that a bit of heaven, or what?!! Oooo I just wanna move right in! Blessings… Polly


  24. Suzy replied:

    What an amazing place!


  25. kayellen replied:

    Love the photo’s and the rooms are an amazing size!I want one:)
    Great to see a new post…hope you had a blessed birthday.



  26. parisapartment replied:

    hi everyone!
    thank you again for my birthday wishes. i haven’t been able to be here much lately but hope to get back soon. you know i love you and definitely miss you! i want to visit each of your sites before i get back to my own!


  27. Sandra Evertson replied:

    Well here’s wishing you a most Wonderful Happy Birthday!
    Sandra Evertson


  28. Barb McMahon replied:

    Hope I’m not too late to wish you a very happy birthday and all the best in the coming year!


  29. Boutique Mix Fashion replied:

    Breathtakingly Beautiful!!!!


  30. Joy replied:

    miss you!


  31. rochambeau replied:

    Hope your birthday was fabulous and fit for a Queen!!


  32. Cami replied:

    Love the juxtaposition of many of the rooms. Truly magnificent.


  33. Dawn-Hydrangea Home replied:

    Beautiful pics Claudia! Happy Birthday too! Hope you enjoyed your day!


  34. Mrs Meow~ replied:

    Dear Claudia, I just love what you’ve done with your site and am enjoying the blog as usual! Thank you again for your response to my emails about NY. You are a doll!


  35. Mrs Meow~ replied:

    BTW~ And I am so sorry I missed your birthday~ I hope you had a most lovely one ….:)


  36. Fifi replied:

    It was so great to find your blog… I stumbled upon it from some of else’s blog… and I thought “The Paris Apartment” sounds so familiar… I went to my bookcase… and there was your book… I bought it when it first came out… I love PARIS… so I had to buy it!… Anyway… Great photographs… makes me feel like painting…


  37. Jes/vita villa vila replied:

    Love your blog!

    Jes, Sweden


  38. fashion lover replied:

    I’m so loving these pictures!!!


  39. Teal Chic replied:

    The first photo is my favorite! Everything is so beautiful, thank you for sharing :)


  40. maryam in marrakesh replied:

    So lovely! I hope all your exciting projects are panning out:)


  41. this is glamorous replied:

    Crazy about Robert Polidori–once saw an exhibit, and it was just breathtaking.


  42. Katherine aka. Urban Flea replied:

    so super cool! i LOVE your blog. i work at domino mag and have just started my own design blog, i linked to your site, and would be forever indebted to you if you did the same for mine! in the meantime, keep up the awesome work and cheers!
    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea


  43. Jrizzo replied:

    Great pics! I have to tell you, I just read your book from the library and did not realize it was you! Duh! After I clicked over to your blog, the bells went off and I checked your web page.. I LOVE It!Great book! any chance on a second one?
    Jen R


  44. Courtney @ nestinginstincts replied:

    Claudia, I hope you are enjoying your time off! We are missing you but I really hope you are being rejuvenated and renewed. :-) xoxo Courtney


  45. cityfarmer replied:

    I do hope you are checking back here once in a while.
    I have been so lax (sp) in blogging…so much going on….But all this to say I am always thinking of you…AND happy birthday….remember our little chat from a long time ago to someday have lunch together.

    Nic is being married at my parents farm estate in Indiana in June…wanna come and party down under a big white tent????


  46. parisapartment replied:

    hi friends! oh i do miss you!
    yes i want to come to the party! and yes i have other books in the works and yes i’ve had a good time off but feel so cut off and sad not to be here. i promise to be back soon, it may even be tonight! thank you for caring and all the love you send every day!


  47. lovekahia replied:

    I also just discovered your website and blog. I have your ordered your book and cannot wait until it arrives. I am practically salivating at the chance to come on one of your Paris trips in the near future!


  48. Cindy replied:

    Bonsoir Claudia~
    I hope your birthday was lovely!! May the coming year be your best ever ~ filled with all of your favorite things. Keep being your beautiful self, and keep living your life generously. You’ll never regret it.

    Will you be leaving for Paris soon?

    Blessings to you~


  49. rochambeau replied:

    Happy May Day Claudia!


  50. Joni Webb replied:

    Hi belated Happy Birthday wishes to you, and thanks so much for the comment. Your blog is soooooo beautiful!!!!



  51. Carol Rochon replied:

    Hi Claudia. Just wanted to let you know how much I am missing you. Hope you are well. Aren’t you in France soon? Please send pics for us to savour (should you just happen to get the chance?). Take care and have fun!



  52. Mina replied:

    I am so inspired by these pics. They are absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing!



  53. gabriela replied:

    I love the old decadance in these pictures. So tragic and romantic! So beautiful and inspiring!


  54. theredvelvetshoe replied:

    Dear Miss Claudia~
    I hope wherever you are that you are well! I miss your whimsical words when I visit but I know every genie must have it’s inspiration!
    Just wanted to make sure you know I have my One Year
    Blog Anniversary coming up and am hosting a give~a~way~~since you were the first blog I ever visited I wanted you to have a fair shot at my little grab bag. . . you gave me a reason to believe I could have a voice, even if it was a little one. . .and I just wanted to say thank you and may you find your place and your peace. . .and may they be one and the same.
    All my best to you,


  55. Melissa @ The Inspired Room replied:

    Your blog is indeed looking LOVELY! I hope your birthday was equally beautiful,




  56. Kimberly Ryan replied:

    Hi C,
    Miss chatting, hope your doing well and things are moving along!! Hugs, K


  57. TPWP replied:

    I saw this post a few weeks ago and felt haunted by Polidori’s images, so I ordered the book. It is absolutely stunning. I sat there looking through it for what seemed like hours, the irony in those pictures, all the beauty and tragedy, I couldn’t look away. Thanks so much for posting them, the book is a great inspiration.


  58. Sacheverelle replied:

    My mom fled Cuba in the ’60s & the one story of hers that is most upsetting to me about the Revolution is that when Castro took over, the government confiscated her family’s big ancestoral home & most of its contents for “official use”. Her family lost everything & was relocated to some little one-story as was the rest of the displaced upper middle-class. The house she grew up, MY ancestoral home, could be pictured in a book somewhere & I’d never even know. Oh well..


  59. theparisapartment replied:

    Hi Sacheverelle,
    My heart goes out to you and all the people of Cuba. It’s so unfair that this exquisite place has been under siege for far too long. Cuba Libre! When I found these pictures I was stunned by their beauty and tortured by the pain of what life must be like there.


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