life as some know it

beauty and pain through robert polidori’s eyes

marie antoinette’s abundance

i couldn’t resist saying hello and thank you for my birthday wishes from the most beautiful blogging friends a girl could ask for! lovec

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a new perspective


hi friends, this is a hard post to write… i guess cause i don’t really want to write it, but have to. i’ll be taking a few weeks off from blogging while i develop some projects i’m not allowed to discuss (that’s hard cause i want to share with you)! and rethink my life in general. it’s my birthday in a few days and i’ll be giving myself a gift of freedom from vices (which i need in a big way)! i guess we all go thru times of change and please know that i will be back soon. in the meantime i’ll be visiting your blogs and enjoying life from another angle.

love to all and see you on the other side!


ps these are both pics of marilyn monroe, she seems to sum up how i’m feeling right now so thanks mm for your undying inspiration!

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