une autre vie



hi all! well, this is our potential dream house in the sud, as it was, as it is.

these are her stats:

• Bedrooms
• Queen beds
• Single Beds
• Sleeps
• Baths


what about it for our bloggers getaway…(2 weeks in may)?





there’s plenty of room


and there’s a little pool




i’d definitely sleep here one night!


caspools.jpg lunch1s.jpg

March 24, 2008. Architecture, Fleamarkets, Flowers, Friends, Furniture, Gardening, Hotels, Living, Paris Trip.


  1. Jenny replied:

    Such a charming place :)

  2. Alison Gibbs replied:

    Oh how gorgeous.
    Mmm.. perfect spot to relax and unwind

  3. clarice replied:

    Looks like heaven to me !!!!! Clarice

  4. Anne replied:

    Absolute bliss!!! :-)

  5. Ro replied:

    What is the cost? – Ro

  6. Wendy replied:

    Claudia! What a perfect spot! I want to sun in that garden and cook in that kitchen! Wish I could go- now may be doing another show in New York and a speaking engagement- no time for fun- Boo Hoo!!!

  7. Passementerie replied:

    Oh how completely heavenly! Hmm. I don’t suppose you’d part with the contact details, would you? I would love to scarper off to somewhere like that for a couple of weeks before we leave Paris for good in September…

  8. Di Overton replied:

    I would sleep there forever

  9. Joy replied:

    You’re such a tease Claudia! ;)

  10. parisapartment replied:

    The cost would be about $1000 per person for the week if we have 4-6. That would cover food, transport and lodging.

  11. girl meets glamour replied:

    just so charming, I love it!!


  12. Leslie, Aix en Provence, France replied:

    Hi there!

    This looks great! If you are close to Aix, let me know how many you are when it all shakes down. I’ll be moving right around that time…give or take a week…but would be happy to offer an evening apero or even a picnic lunch for the group. It could be fun! (The apartment I’m moving to has a lovely terrace.)

    If you’d like to do a bit of yoga, I could arrange a half day, on-the-terrace yoga session with a fabulous yoga teacher here in Aix.

    As you wish. It’s kind of nice to think of connecting in the real world with other bloggers!

  13. vie chaotique replied:

    Hi Claudia – will there be shopping. I might just take you up on this. I am dying to go and have been putting it off because of the dollar. But life is too short! If we are going to trek for treasures I might just take you up on this…

  14. Keri replied:

    I love your site, and this french home looks great!!
    Please come check out my site at antiquetherapy.com
    Good luck with the house!!

  15. Sue replied:

    How dreamy!

  16. Country French Antiques replied:

    I’d love to meet up with you guys if we are there at the same time.
    Looks like a wonderful place!

  17. theredvelvetshoe replied:

    I have a dream. . .it now includes this. . .but must stay a dream for now. I really wish you the best “salon” in that beautiful house and land. I think you should incorporate video so we can feel part of the table!!


  18. Paul replied:

    Wow, that is so sumptuous to look at!
    I could be very happy there :-) I hope that you have a great time there & take lots of pics!

  19. Alkemie replied:

    Wow! What a gorgeous gorgeous place. Can’t decide which photos I like more!


  20. My Melange replied:

    Time to wipe the drool of my keyboard!! It is just lovely. Would love to spend time there…I would never leave :)

  21. Amy replied:

    I call that bottle of wine!!!! ;-P

    That is the cutest kitchen….

  22. all the best replied:

    What a wonderful house and such beautiful surroundings. The hammocks are calling my name.

  23. this is glamorous replied:

    It looks perfect!

  24. gabriela replied:

    Vivre la France!!!

  25. maryam in marrakech replied:

    oh how very fabulous that would be! Dreamy:)

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