getting into the daily grind

whew! life is so much better without all the self imposed drama. i forgot for awhile that i love what i do! i was taking life way too seriously.


just thought i’d share a couple samples that came in. these are glass beads that sparkle like crazy! it’s a really pretty wall covering (or anything for that matter) that’s made from crushed Murano glass. Colors are so vibrant and range from neutral to peridot to red!


they sent these below too, they’re like a mica, they sort of look like mother of pearl and are also fantastic on walls.


i’m still trying to get in touch with susie who designed this wallpaper below. i’m becoming obsessed with wall coverings.



the satin is in for some of the benches, still waiting for the pink…


working on chandeliers


and these funky lamps


amy12.jpg .amy123.jpg

these lights are little sculptures, some with a cute dark side! they’re by Amy at She’s making some for the show with dollhouse furniture!

the jury’s still out on the flooring. of course i wanted to do marble tiles but everyone thinks that’s too ambitious/ridiculous. maybe. what do you think of these?


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  1. Pink Heels replied:

    I would love to see what the glass looks like on a wall. I can’t say that I am familiar with the material. Do you have pictures of it in use?


  2. parisapartment replied:

    Hi Jennifer,
    No, I haven’t see it up, but it’s stunning in person and I bet it looks great on curved walls and inside moldings. I’m trying to get a nice big sample for the show so we can all see it!


  3. Alice W. replied:

    Love the wallpaper! I’ve never seen anything like it! Love your blog! Will be back!


  4. Elizabeth @ Elizabeth Anne Designs replied:

    Where on earth did you find that sparkly wallpaper? Do you think it would work for book coverings? I’d love to know the source if you don’t mind. :)


  5. Stephanie replied:

    Looking at your blog always lights up my day! Such beautiful things.


  6. Passementerie replied:

    How gorgeous! I am glad that it’s all back on and – most importantly – that you have support. It looks like it will be quite stunning and I can’t wait to see the finished product!


  7. AM replied:

    I actually ordered a couple of area rugs from – they’ll cut it to order and apply the border of your choice, so you’re not stuck with standard sizes/colors. Beautiful stuff and very helpful folks there. Your glass wall covering looks spectacular! where did you find it?


  8. Di Overton replied:

    You are so right to use those lamps by Amy they are truly gorgeous. I love her work and I love what you are doing there.


  9. Firefly Hill replied:

    Glad the show is back on ! I know it will be fab!



  10. Felicia replied:

    Love those sculpture lamps :)


  11. ewix replied:

    What elegant, unusual glass tiles.
    Subtle lovely colors but how will they be used?
    Would love to see them in situ


  12. y. replied:

    Hi there,

    I also adore that glittery wallpaper and all the lovely things you share on your blog. Thanks!

    I was reading my Parler Paris newsletter; there is a conference about living in France etc. in Miami this week. I wish I was there because I would go…just to get info…who knows where it could lead. Anyway, if you want to read about it:
    I hope you don’t mind me adding this to my comment.


  13. maryam in marrakesh replied:

    Amy’s lights are absolutely fabulous. I feel so lucky to have one!


  14. Jrizzo replied:

    Love this stuff.. you have to tell me who makes the crsuhed mica wall covering…
    Jen R


  15. Marilisa replied:

    oh! my dear…don’t worry i’m falling in love also with wallpaper and stickers too.go to my blog and you will see my wall.
    i think that cover the wall it0s amazing.
    love mary
    ps: sorry for my english!


  16. amanda replied:

    wow – love the glass/mica-like wall coverings. where can i purchase them?


  17. Joy replied:

    I’m back! :) The wallcoverings, I’m absolutely in love! Going back for more reading now….


  18. Alex replied:

    Please….. tell me where I can get the glass wallcovering!! I MUST have it!
    Awesome blog!


  19. claudia replied:

    I’m so glad you all love the glass wallpaper! I’m selling it by the yard. (Sells for $250). It will be up on my site very soon. Guess I better get going on it! Thanks for the feedback! It will be front and center over a headboard at the show. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to do the whole wall. I’m showing it inside a wall moulding with a sconce on it for added sparkles.


  20. Vanessa replied:

    Are you also going to be selling the mother of pearl-like wallpaper? I’m trying to find an alternative to Maya Romanoff’s version.


  21. rosanna replied:

    hello i love the murano glass wallpaper. where do you get that, i would love to have it as my rooms wall paper. :)


    • Robbert replied:

      Hi I really love the Chrushed murano glass wallpaper but i cant’t find it with the link you showed . Where can i find it .




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