a wing and a prayer

i’m taking my mind off the AD show for a sec and going thru some of the great web stuff i’ve come across yesterday and today. who knew that abc carpet was so on it environmentally? i love that they will totally solarize your home: www.abcrealgoodssolar.com


or you can just peruse the site for beauty and inspiration at www.abchome.com.


i actually LOVE this store and it was the catalyst i needed to start a business in ’93. if you’re coming to nyc, put it on your hit list!


these are pics of the newly renovated plaza hotel. i think they did a good job mixing playful elegance with unstuffy.


the images came from jen ramos at made by girl. her blog is full of eye candy and i kept going back to it throughout the day, lovin and being inspired by her.

when i went there just now to get the url i saw her new post for us animal lovers :


really i should be getting back to work but a couple others that i passed thru were so pretty i have to pass them on:

it’s been awhile but pretty pam garrison inspired me



these are her gorgeous extravagant liasons as in Somerset Magazine.

also, check out the brand new material girls. i adore their banner, and they have lots of good info. hi emily!


finally, the wing and the prayer i’m referring to? that would be the Architectural Digest show I’m so determined to do. but many of you probably know, putting on a show is a lot of detail! so much for my relaxing and writing in miami for awhile. one of our lines uses these old maps of downtown nyc. they really are pink and so pretty! it’s kind of like google satellite with house numbers and lots!



ok i have to get back to work, the excel sheet is calling…it so goes against my grain to do this end of it!

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  1. Felicia replied:

    What beautiful inspiration :)


  2. Kathleen replied:

    ABC Home and Carpet has a second location in Delray Beach (i think it’s delray) right off 95, it used to be an outlet!! then they caught on and now it’s a regular priced store…sigh, but still as beautiful. worth the drive off sobe!


  3. karen lacombe replied:

    Claudia what an inspiration you are! The ABC HOME site is gorgeous. I will visit on my next trip to NY. I too was inspired by the current “Romantic Homes”.
    I still can’t get enough of anything for or about Paris. I’m not sure when I’ll go back but Paris will stay in my heart forever.


  4. Tracie replied:

    Dear Claudia,
    I finally had to come visit. How beautiful everything is here (I’m not surprised). I’ve had your beautiful Paris Apartment book since it was published and it holds a special place in my home, what a lady of style!
    The only part I didn’t like here is Excel spreadsheets, ewww to hear those words, I need the reports “as soon as you can get them done” – gulp! I feel for you.

    You’re an inspiration! Le plus beau blog.


  5. wendyangell replied:

    I love looking at your inspirations! Such beautiful things and always something I long to own! Glad you took time to post today! I waited all day and kept checking back!


  6. Cindy replied:

    Oh..I wish I could snatch up that pink tufted number and put it in my front entry!!!


  7. Alice W. replied:

    I just found your blog and love it! Thanks for introducing me to ABC Carpet & Home…love the site! I will definitely put it on my list for my next trip to the city. I also adored the Maria Antoinette Liason project in the current Somerset Studio…just lovely!


  8. Emily replied:

    Hi Claudia! Thanks so much for the mention! :)


  9. Firefly Hill replied:

    Love the pink maps, ABC, the puppy, the pics of the new Plaza! Your blog is such an inspiration! My daughter Hannah once took an etiquette class at the old Plaza. It was lovely…

    Wishing you all the luck with everything!



  10. Sherri replied:

    I saw you in a Magazine and I was fascinated so I came directly over here to read your Blog! You are Tres Beautiful and you have such wonderful posts. The Photo showing the Marie Antoinette ZNE is gorgeous….Oh my gosh, so lovely!! Thank you for letting me stop by ..
    xo Sherri


  11. jennnifer ramos replied:

    hi claudia, thanks for mentioning the doggie post, hope people go by my blog and click on the animal rescue link to help out for FREEEEEEEE!

    hope things are well!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’


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