Fashions Of The 1920’s

December 16, 2007. 1920's, Fashion.


  1. theredvelvetshoe replied:

    This is wonderful! I love the knee socks with the little heels~~if it isn’t pouring tomorrow I’m going to do “the look”! I love 1920’s fashion, too.


  2. Ro replied:

    Really enjoyed that. Interesting how the shoes were sexy yet the heels still at a somewhat sensible height. Sort of makes the stilettos we toddle on today seem a bit silly.


  3. Monica Yvette replied:

    Hi, I just found your blog through Absolutely Beautiful Things. Thanks for posting these 1920’s era clips. I am absolutely fascinated with that period in time, especially in America and Paris. Cheers!


  4. Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute replied:



  5. Caroline replied:

    I just came across your blog – love all the photos, but especially the woman in the pink dress on the book cover… do you know where I could get a copy of this print?


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