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HaPpY HoLiDaYs everyone! Christmas is still a ways away but I don’t know the next time I’ll be able to get here. So I just want to say how much you all have meant to me this past year. Thank you for your kindness and love, encouragement and community. I feel truly blessed to know you. Hope we can all meet in the near future and make some of the dreams we have realities! Paris in the spring anyone!?


ny’s been all drudgery all the time lately but at the flea today, i finally started to feel some christmas spirit flowing and things started to sparkle again…didn’t know if it would come this year but i think i’m gonna be cheery yet! all the best to you and yours!

love, Claudia






tiny vintage glass flowers were the icing on the cake!


December 22, 2007. Holidays. 30 comments.

i love the 20’s


i’ve been staying close to home lately, taking care of my dog daisy who pretty much needs full time assistance til we leave for florida. (she’s 15 and not in bad health but getting kind of doddering). anyway she’s kept me on my toes, running to make sure she is comfy, etc. this time together has allowed me to watch tmc all day long while i work, i can’t count the films i’ve seen this week! and finally able to blog for a sec when i found this fun incoming link on my stats page (try to ignore the disturbing avatar). it led to a 2 hour trip thru utube. what a wonderland! i had no idea what was available cause i just haven’t had the luxury of time lately to explore this big beautiful world. so here’s to those who create it: thank you for this exquisite merging of past and present!

(ps AND i clicked one button and uploaded all the following videos straight to my site :)

hope you enjoy as much as i did!

pss if you need a french fix,

this beauty


creativeflairchic.blogspot.com led me to this beauty



December 16, 2007. 1920's, Design, Fabric, Films, Marie Antoinette. 20 comments.

Fashions Of The 1920’s

December 16, 2007. 1920's, Fashion. 5 comments.

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