bonsoir mes amis



well i guess i took a good and long weekend. it was heaven and now i’m back in full swing, getting back to my fighting weight! just wanted to share a thanksgiving yin and yang moment with you…these you may know are twin my nieces…the bed was my mom’s then mine, then my goddaughter, Juliette’s who’s 12. now it’s been passed once again to these two supernannys…but new polly pockets’ townhouse proved much more interesting!

November 27, 2007. Friends, Holidays.


  1. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    What wonderful dresses. They are already so glamorous…and the little bed…
    This kind of house reminds me of my stay in New York state…where is it ??


  2. parisapartment replied:

    thanks melanie! my sister-in-law thought clare (the redhead) looked like lucille ball! the house is my bro’s family and is in one of the Oranges in nj just outside nyc.


  3. Chic and Charming replied:

    So adorable! I love polka dots!


  4. Gracie replied:

    How sweet! Your nieces are adorable with their little polka dot dresses. And that bed is cute. Oh and my blog is having a giveaway =)


  5. Samantha replied:

    Aww they are so cute!

    I love the house across the street. It is like the perfect Holiday house from all of the old movies!


  6. Annie replied:

    What darling little girls! That is very cool that you are handing down the bed from generation to generation. Hopefully it will keep going ..



  7. Melissa @ The Inspired Room replied:

    Oh, what sweet girls in their dresses! And I love that the bed is being passed on!

    Love that house across the street too (of course, I would notice that).



  8. Amy replied:

    Your nieces always look so gorgeous….they’re just darling.

    Also, I cannot express how much I am in love with those houses. ;-P


  9. Irene replied:

    Oh they already look so chic! Congratulations to both mother and aunt!
    Lovely cot, delicate and real. it’s Ok if it changes use slightly, as long as it is loved and lived.
    Oh and have you seen my little giveaway?


  10. Tracy~Madison'sManor replied:

    Your scolling down, thinking what sweet girls, wonder if it’s Thanksgiving, and then the comment on the bed, a tear weld up, as a mother of seven(Yes, 7) how I truly miss them being small and playing together. Dressing them alike, playing with my Mother’s old toys. Thanks so much for that memory returned.


  11. Robin Sherwood replied:

    my favorite of all of your images


  12. Wendy replied:

    What absolutely beautiful children! And, the little dresses and the Victorian backdrop are stunning! As a collector of things heirloomed, I think the doll bed is wonderful. I have many old toys and dolls that belonged to my great grandmother and grandmother. Glad I stumbled on your blog- lovely!!


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