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hard to believe in 3 hours it will feel like i’m on another planet. i’m heading back to ny for thanksgiving and tying up loose ends that have been dangling for way too long. i’m excited about my new base and can’t wait to dig in. there’s something new around every corner. in fact i’m dying to get to this exhibit of 1920’s French Moderne pochoir paintings on exhibit at one of the fab local Deco musems:

on another note, i’m gonna try to keep miami with me back north, especially yoga which for some reason takes the rumble seat most of the time in ny. but the stars are aligning and it’s easy to do here. a blogging friend hooked up with me in paris and introduced me to Kim from Hip Tranquil Chick. now we’re going to do a podcast together next month! i’ll keep you posted:

i have a little time to play so thought i’d throw up a couple non sequitors:



these pretty shots of my chairs, (i mean designer couture dresses, shot by Rick Day), are coming out this winter in a serious mag. i probably shouldn’t post the pics before they do but i loved them!


ok one more thing: i first saw this site on ullabenulla and fell in love. now i just came across it again and just had to share: ashesandsnow and flyingelephants

new website discovery: the waywewore. you’d look so cute in these for the holidays. vintage=recycling!


back atcha from nyc god willing!



November 18, 2007. Architecture, art, Blogroll, Books, Fashion, Furniture, illustration.


  1. karla nathan replied:

    Well it looks like yoga is paying off for you, those last two photos of you look great. (don’t we all wish those were us???)

    Have a safe trip and a good Thanksgiving day!


  2. Samantha replied:

    I can’t believe you found my blog! Very cool. I have been reading yours for a while so I am very honored that you visited.


  3. rochambeau replied:

    Your chairs look beautiful. Those are such creative photographs. It really shows off the gowns in a magnificent way.

    Hope all is well.


  4. diana replied:

    You’re coming back to NY?!!?! Sing praises and yippee! Will look for a ‘live-from-New-York’ post soon! And your chairs are GORGEOUS. Those shots would be NOTHING without them. :-D Thanks for dropping by my place.


  5. Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute replied:

    i adore those shots with your chair and the couture dresses, especially the 1st dress! And thanks for the links to the vintage shop, makes me wish i had a big fancy ball to go to, some of those dresses are stunning.


  6. R replied:

    Love love LOVE the chairs!


  7. carrie replied:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. parisapartment replied:

    if you don’t have the dress you won’t go to the ball i always say! by the by just so you know, that’s not me modeling the dresses, just the chairs are mine!


  9. theredvelvetshoe replied:

    Wow~some chair and some dress! What amazing photography~~did you get to keep the dresses?????


  10. Di Overton replied:

    Love those chairs and Ashes and Snow is one of those sites that just takes your breath away. Hope you are well.


  11. It’s Hard to Find a Wedding Dress… » Weddingbee » The Wedding Blog replied:

    […] Source […]


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