vintage palm beach


what can i say? these gals were women after my own heart. i say were cause most of these doyennes are gone now, but their spirits still shine in their furniture left behind, maybe not useful to a daughter, or in law who wants something ‘clean or new’. but, their loss is our gain… for the past 3 days from south beach to palm and everywhere in between, i hit my old faves: every consignment, goodwill, antique store, collective, resale and auction i could find. truth is, i didn’t even scratch the surface. (best part…the prices)! much as i love my trips to paris, for furniture shopping this is unbelievable.



chair $150


bed $199


this mirrored lingerie chest is making me like mirrored furniture again. OLD mirrored furniture! this had original glass and knobs. what a knockout! ($1500)!


a great thing about traveling is you look at things with a new perspective. today it was 60’s oil paint in green!


can’t wait to recover something with these…unused fabric from Good i mean Greatwill!!



and oh weird little chair i love the dorothy draper in you…


November 16, 2007. 1920's, Chandeliers, Fleamarkets, Furniture, Miami.


  1. ladyjicky replied:

    What bargains! I want that chair and that green (yik, but a coat of paint) mirror – or that mirrored chest of drawers. Then there is the hall table with the scroll work.
    Did you buy the lot???


  2. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Wonderful glamour florida …I love it . THANK YOU FOR SHARING


  3. parisapartment replied:

    i never would have liked that green till this week. now i LOVE it,. you should have seen the crackle on that old glaze!…that’s what i mean about changing perspective tho! and no, i didn’t buy ANYTHING! i’m subletting the store and don’t have my apt yet so just scouting for clients and my next guided shopping trip. wanna come!!??


  4. Linda from ::Surroundings:: replied:

    I want it all! Great look and the prices are great too!


  5. Daisy Cottage replied:

    This Florida girl loves it ALL!



  6. Carolyn Park replied:

    i want that chair!!!!!!!


  7. Mary replied:

    I would love to come shopping in Florida, it’s a little easier to get to than Paris! Do you think you’ll arrange a shopping trip? BTW your blog is like a little vacation I take every day xo


  8. Joy replied:

    You may never want to leave Palm Beach again!

    Have I told you lately that you have the *coolest* job in the world?…


  9. Annie replied:

    Love it all! Thanks Claudia!


  10. Amy replied:

    Can you hear my shrieking all the way across the country?! Where were these places when I lived there?! Gyahhhh….I suck at finding places like that. What do you know about San Antonio?! There’s gotta be some awesome places here…I just haven’t found them yet.
    We just got back from a trip to Mexico where I saw the most amazing red velvet couch. Sadly, I couldn’t cram it into my van….LOL


  11. parisapartment replied:

    Let me know what you want and I’ll get it for you!


  12. rochambeau replied:

    Looks like your have some shopping paradise in Florida!
    When are you coming back?


  13. karla nathan replied:

    I’ve never junked in Miami, but have had great luck in other parts of Florida. Those retirees down there had style!


  14. Melissa @ The Inspired Room replied:

    Wow, it would be worth a trip to Florida for all that style!



  15. Emily replied:

    I can’t believe that blue chair is only $150! What a steal!


  16. Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute replied:

    where is this in palm beach? I’ll have to check it out!
    the mirrors and the leopard print chairs are gorgeous!!!


  17. Irene replied:

    Oh that last chair reminds me of my mother’s living-salon. It was dark green velvet and in the summer she would cover the armachairs and sofa of the same style as pictured, only they were guilded, with tailored covers in a very similar fabric.


  18. Julie (Fab.) replied:

    $150 for that chair? Get out of here, girl :-) Even the fabric appears to be in good condition!


  19. gilda replied:

    oh wow, would you care to share what that shop is called?? i wonder if they would ship it to new york!
    i just moved here and it’s so hard to find nice looking furniture at a price i can actually afford. it’s really depressing!


  20. parisapartment replied:

    which piece? you can find great stuff in ny too! try TEPPER auctions every other weekend.


  21. lynn replied:

    Wow, Claudia! Awesome stuff!! When I was in Palm Beach amd Miami I didn’t find one thing! What’s for sale?? I want to go shopping. Seriously!!


  22. gilda replied:

    tepper! thanks, i’ll check out their galleries. i guess i just don’t know my way around the furniture shops here.


  23. rebekka replied:

    Really, really have to have all of it.

    The prices? Shut my mouth.


  24. parisapartment replied:

    well, i guess i’ll be starting my shopping excursions in south florida. spread the word and then come yourself! blogging friends are always invited, gratis!


  25. franki durbin replied:

    Thank goodness miles of road separate me from those treasures…I’ve got my Amex burning a hole in my handbag as I drool over your discoveries. What a selection!!!

    That mirrored lingerie chest is truly gorgeous. I’ll assume you took it home and it now resides neatly tucked away in your NY flat. LOL! Aside from the obvious challenge fo constant windexing, it looks like a piece I’ll find myself thinking about for a few weeks!. Nice treasure hunting.


  26. jennnifer ramos replied:

    omg! where is this place exactly? can you please tell us…..?

    Jen Ramos
    ‘Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards’


  27. parisapartment replied:

    The best one was probably the Delray Antique Mall on Federal Highway in Delray. My client didn’t even want to stop in…can you believe?!


  28. jennnifer ramos replied:

    the place where the beautiful $150 fauteil chair was from..?


  29. Lynne Parker replied:

    I am looking for a mirrored lingerie chest. If this is something you come across I’d appreciate it if you could contact me. Thanks!


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