stopping to smell the chrysanthemums


KIKU, the art of the japanese chrysanthemum.

hi there! life’s been happening so fast and this is the last place getting a coat of paint lately, but i’m back now, thank god… i feel so out of touch! being out of ny and back down south is helping slow it all down. i have lots to blab/blog but will try to contain myself!

First, this is the original Christian Dior ‘Diorama’ ad from my last post. I got these in Paris and have always love the feminine and playful ads of the 30’s. if you go, they have them sometimes along the seine, i got these at the antique book fair which is every saturday. clingancourt market also has good stuff, old ads, labels, etc.


this one is Le Bourget Stockings:


and this ‘bouquet of Paris’ from Plassard:


and this one i’ve had forever and can’t remember where i got it for the life of me…have you seen it?


and this too, come to think of it…


but it came from this amazing series of books you can find on Amazon. Here are some of the titles i love:


ok, back to my day…i’m trying to get set on a place down here so my love, daisy can retire (she’s gonna be 15 this year), and i can write and work in peace instead of spinning my wheels on the endless habitrailwheel that has become ny for me.

this is her flying thru the air with the greatest of ease last week:


yesterday i fell in love with a place right on the ocean,


but of course i’m probably sticking to my little efficiency that’s getting a makeover. i showed it a couple posts ago. still, this is inspiring me cause i can have pretty chairs like this out on my teeny porch (more pics once the deal is more than a handshake).

November 10, 2007. 1920's, Architecture, Books, Daisy, Decorating, Flowers, Gardening, illustration, Marie Antoinette, Miami, New York.


  1. Becca replied:

    Your 1930’s ads are fabulous. I am not sure whether these would be considered Art Deco (perhaps not but you would probably know – I just do not know my art genres very well) …but I have always loved that period and I love these ads – especially the Christian Dior. Marvelous! I look forward to looking at the Euro Deco book … thank you for the recommendation.


  2. Cindy replied:

    Bon soir Claudia~
    Hope lots of things are coming together really well for you down in sunny Florida. And I hope the ocean is filling your spirit so you can write and create and thrive.
    Your Daisy is so sweet ~ what a cutie-pie!! I adore dogs. They are a gift from heaven I think. I have a golden retriever ~ Bailey, the love of my life!
    Thanks for a lovely post~


  3. Passementerie (was Sarah in Marrakech) replied:

    Those ads are fantastic – I can’t wait to start tracking some down here for myself!


  4. Annie replied:

    Ohh Florida sounds really good right now! Claudia, your style is fantastic. I love seeing what catches your eye!



  5. Joy replied:

    So…are you leaving NYC for good? Florida sounds soooo good to me right now!

    Can’t wait to see more pics and hope your deal goes through without a hitch! :)



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