the path of least resistance


(photo of Ruthie Sommers)

as usual i only have a sec but just wanted to pass along some things that crossed my path this afternoon…i just went where the superhighway took me and had a great ride. this is why i love being here!

in my last post i said that if you wanted to exchange links let me know that’s how i met Anne at annechovie who’s rekindled an almost lost art painting marvelous watercolors and interiors. i got lost in her world! (more pics AND an interview here at the inspired room)



her etsy shop led me to Style Court (who styled the chair in the first painting and uses it in her banner)

ANYWAY, she posted this: ‘A reader located about 20 miles North of New York City seeks a decorator with that Ruthie Sommers aesthetic. She says she has money put aside for a serious project but celebrity prices are beyond her means. If you know of a decorator who might be a good fit, please leave a comment’.

all this led me to Ruthie Sommers, (whose website is everything i want mine to be)! these pics were some of my faves of her designs. Ok so long story short, all of these pieces are sitting in palm beach right now!




and couple new friends:
May December Home
who led me to

ok gotta go help my man pack. he’s leaving for italy tomorrow to go truffle hunting!

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it was worth it


the last few days have been full of grunt work, organizing and paring down. so of course blogging is taking it’s back of the bus status. seems like whenever i get here someone knocks, calls or (worst) looks over my shoulder! i’m alone now and furiously writing for this brief shining moment when i can be here!

anyway in the midst of my grunting, i found a missing envelope with these antique perfume labels i got in paris a few years ago (and thought they were gone forever). finding them changed my day. the work!



on another note, my friend carol,

(have you seen this)?


turned me on to her friend Gay, at i dreamed i saw, a beautiful site filled with lovelies from other sites. great resource! god the internet is filled with beauty. go get lost if you have some time…


one final note: made by girl just stopped by and is printing eco friendly cards. so sweet too!


we’re exchanging links. if you’d like to do the same let me know! if we’re friends and i don’t have your link up please tell me!



i was just surfing ebay (i confess i have developed an obsession for something, tell ya later). but anyway, for those of you who sell on it, check out collectibles and home decor
it’s a list of what’ hot, the top searches in the world. cheat sheet to the world’s yard sale!

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bonsoir mes amis



well i guess i took a good and long weekend. it was heaven and now i’m back in full swing, getting back to my fighting weight! just wanted to share a thanksgiving yin and yang moment with you…these you may know are twin my nieces…the bed was my mom’s then mine, then my goddaughter, Juliette’s who’s 12. now it’s been passed once again to these two supernannys…but new polly pockets’ townhouse proved much more interesting!

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