alone again, naturally


back from florida, all alone…i’m staying at my parents’ house while they’re away for a couple days. my mom has been asking me for help to redecorate my old room and turn it into a proper guest room.

i found the above image on desire to inspire, and just as promised, i was inspired! it’s the easiest room in the world for mom to reproduce, the main thing would be to find a headboard. a couple mins on google images produced this one:


but then again i found this while searching for villas…suffice it to say it’s just as hard for me to lock down and commit to a style!! but don’t worry mom, the time has come and i won’t let ya down! i do love that pink satin bedspread tho…


in the meantime, i’ve been working on another remodel, my website. just thought i’d pass along a couple of great resources i found: this is from you put in your name and scroll thru thousands of logo options, changing your business statement from serious to playful in a nanosecond.


lightbox at istock had beautiful wallpaper backgrounds:


well that’s about it for both my virtual and reality decorating for tonite!

oh almost forgot, saved the best for last, i’ve been blessed by two bloggers…


thank you for my Smile Award from the following wonderful and talented ladies who have made me feel so special! i’ll get my list together tomorrow. for now:

thank you julie!! fabulous finds studio


and a thing for roses thanks lisa!!


October 26, 2007. art, Blogroll, Decorating, Design, Dreams, Furniture, illustration.


  1. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    this post is great . Thank you for sharing the sites for logo and backgroung . I have to work on it too .
    And the ideas for bedrooms are just wonderful


  2. Joy replied:

    Hey Claudia, thanks for the links – they’re terrific! Can’t wait to see your new website… Thought of you yesterday when I listed some pretty Holiday Sap Buckets with the Eiffel tower on them…does it feel like forever since you’ve been there?


  3. Julie-Fabulous Finds replied:

    You are so welcome, Claudia! I can’t say enough good things about your fabulous blog…your gorgeous pictures always make me smile :-)


  4. Annechovie replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    Great post and thanks for the links. I have added your blog as well as your boutique links to my blogroll. Have a great weekend!


  5. designflute replied:

    fabulous bedrooms! and I am sure I am gonna have fun with this logo site, thanks!


  6. bridalwishlist replied:

    i love the headboard in the second photo. i also love the look in the p22 zaner typeface.


  7. Annie replied:

    Love the bedrooms and thanks for the links!



  8. marita replied:

    the first bedroom looks very elegant and reposing to me. would love to sleep here…
    concerning the new fonts for your site i love number 4 matching the black and creme wallpaper with the classic leaf pattern!
    have a great weekend claudia at your parent’s!!


  9. Robin Sherwood replied:

    Congratulations. You are the best Claudia. Keep going you are on the right path.


  10. Sarah in Marrakech (but soon Paris!) replied:

    Great post – gorgeous rooms and thank you for the links for my own redesign (or rather, whole new blog for Paris!).



  11. Cindy replied:

    Hi Claudia~

    Another lovely post from you! How fun is That ~ to redesign your old room into something new and wonderful. I know the possibilites for you must be endless, I wonder what your final design will look like? It will be in all shades of FABULOUS, of course!!

    I so enjoyed visiting with you the other evening. The artist is as charming as her artistry, c’est vrai!!

    Wishing you a delightful weekend~


  12. Papa Albert replied:

    Happy to see that you’ve been nominated for the “You Make me Smile” award. I’m glad that you are able to shed some of your inspiration with other like-minded people and that they appreciate it.

    Am I the only one who loves your Website? The “The Paris Apartment” logo is one of a kind. It captures an ineffable quality that normal type fonts can’t.


  13. {this is glamorous} replied:

    The gold-swirly headboard, the pink satin bedspread . . . we were separated at birth!


  14. rochambeau replied:

    Have fun at your parents house.
    What ever you do with your biz card and logo will be good I’m sure. I like what you have now too.
    Good luck with the headboard. Bet you will beam it in. One just like the one you want!


  15. Dara replied:

    How cool to get to redo your old room! I know you’ll do a fabulous job!!!


  16. Chic and Charming replied:

    Thanks for the links! I’ve been wanting to find a good background.


  17. Gracie replied:

    Ohh wow gorgeous photos! They are inspirational. Those links look great! I’m sure I will find some good use of them.


  18. chris replied:

    WONDERFUL POST! Great ideas for bedrooms & such gorgeous pictures!


  19. Melissa @ The Inspired Room replied:

    How much for to get to redecorate your old room and your website! Thanks for the links too, very fun!



  20. Felicia replied:

    Isn’t it funny how parents leave things just as they are when you leave home? I look forward to your seeing your website.


  21. Stephanie replied:

    I love the free damask wallpaper patterns available here:


  22. Joy replied:

    I need my Paris Apartment blog fix – where are you?!….


  23. chatrine replied:

    God..If I could ever have a bedroom like that…..
    Love, Chatrine


  24. Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute replied:

    beautiful images


  25. parisapartment replied:

    Hi Chatrine,
    you so can! I should do a recipe for it, thanks for the new idea!


  26. Cindy replied:

    The beds in you photos are so pretty!! The first one reminds me of a bed from the “And So To Bed” line from London. Are you familiar with it? I just received a catalogue this week. [] Not exactly a ‘budget’ line of bedroom furnishings, but quite inspiring!
    Hope all is well with you~


  27. maryam in marrakesh replied:

    I am so loving that white swirly headboard in your pic. I think I could have that reproduced here in Marrakech:-) It would be perfect for my daughter’s room.


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