the trouble with wanderlust


and it IS trouble! i forgot how florida has surprises at every turn. for god’s sake, this is liz’s powder room!

anyway this life works for me right now and i am gonna do my best to move down STAT. it’s a completely other universe i love to death! plus my miami shopping trips up to, ahem, palm beach, and the auctions! FORGET about IT!

this was yesterday:





antiquing :



and my new favorite: shopping for Random Real Estate, the new division! you know i’m making this up as i go along, right?


i feel a real kinship with this one. i hope it gets into the right hands or can wait till Random RE is able to acquire it! still, it’s on biscayne which is not ON the beach. personally, i prefer ocean front property. and i did happen to find the most amazing little place for sale…


ok, this is the front yard (note the winds of change)


and this is the hotel, for sale by owner


maybe not the most glamorous YET, but look at the view…i know, how can this all happen you ask? me too! i have no idea but this is what’s next door…remember, this is miami beach, just a quiet part that’s more uptown. still undeveloped and way old skool!



i’m ready to stay next door here if it means yoga on the beach at sunrise with my aging ol pup, daisy.

liz and jezebel are our best friends and we all moved to florida together 3 years ago. i kept having to get back to ny and never got to stay. now it’s 3 years later and it may be now or never. we can’t believe we didn’t film how they used to play and tackle. now they’re 14, i think they’ll go easy on each other. we’ll see!


anyway it’s all part of the same dream, just like hotel bijoux…someone mentioned visualization in a comment the other day and it’s been on my mind ever since so thank you, it’s helping!

October 22, 2007. Decorating, Design, Fleamarkets, Furniture, Living, Miami.


  1. heidi replied:

    i have heard of the fab finds in FL, and that crazy yellow tufted chair – that is over the top fab! one of these days i’ll get down there and do a little damage! thanks for this great post. xo


  2. cityfarmer replied:

    I’m catching the drift..and I said a long time ago to follow your heart and where it leads….I can already feel a soothing in even your words in print…sigh….the spray of that ocean water in your face and yoga on the beach…what more could a grown woman want…how about just one little ole’ trip to Chicago??


  3. Suzy replied:

    Wow, sounds amazing. I need to check it out on my next US trip.


  4. Felicia replied:

    Vintage Florida is the best!


  5. Sarah in Marrakech (but soon Paris!) replied:

    It all sounds fabulous! I love the feel of the architecture too – and that mural where you parked. But best of all *has* to be that yellow chair, right?



  6. Joy replied:

    I think the title of this post is an oxymoron.



  7. Julie-Fabulous Finds replied:

    I see lots of potential for that hotel! I would love to live near the beach…my youngest sister lives in CA…that lucky girl :-)


  8. designdna replied:

    gurrrrl…you know you need the yellow velvet chair for the lobby of your deco hotel! i am hitting the florida circuit for the first time 2 weeks in december. thanks for the preview – now i’m REALLY looking forward to it!

    enjoy your stay and may the opportunities fall into your pocket!


  9. Bonnie replied:

    Great pics, so inspirational and colorful!

    The Vagabond hotel sign looks like a cloud, and after seeing the pictures of the beautiful beach below, I thought of some names for your future rental, whether it be a hotel or a bed and breakfast or apartments: You could keep the cloud sign look, but call it something like something like Cloud 9 or Claudia’s Cloud, or Drifting Clouds, or Blissful Dreams, or … how about Wanderlust?!!!!


  10. Yvonne replied:

    I love this post! The Miami area is one of my favorite places to go on vacation and I dream of having a second home/studio there one day soon, the beach, the people the attitude…its a lot of fun and the flea markets are great, fabulous jewelry!


  11. Dawn-Hydrangea Home replied:

    Sounds like a great plan Claudia! Good luck to you with your next adventure!


  12. karla nathan replied:

    I spend a lot of time in Jacksonville with family there and always thought that the junking was great in that state. Could it be all the retirees?


  13. Design for Mankind replied:

    WHO is that adorable puppy?! And congratulations– you’re on my PAY IT FORWARD list… send me your addy so you can receive your goods within 365 days.

    And don’t forget to pay it forward!


  14. rochambeau replied:

    Thinking of you!
    Liking the looks of Vagabond Motel. ;-)
    Do you know She is a Florida gal, with a great sense of humor and a BIG heart.
    I wish I could go thrifting with you!


    ** thank you again for the Surprise!


  15. Mélanie replied:

    The yellow chair is to die for … I love it . I love MIami …it is so art deco ….This hotel looks wonderful


  16. Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute replied:

    the vagabond motel! i used to drive past it everyday on way to school. it didnt feel like morning to me unless i drove past the seedy motels on biscayne & the prostitutes or strippers…? on their way home…


  17. freshdesign replied:

    ok, is that you in the pic because I NEED TO KNOW where you got your bathing suit! Love it!


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