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i’d have gone insane spending another second in ny. i haven’t had the patience for it since getting back from paris. don’t get me wrong, it’s the greatest, most intense place in the world, if you’re into ALL intensity ALL the time. finally realizing after 20 years that i’m just not that into it.

sooooo, thank god for jet blue! my guy has a pied a terre in miami beach. VERY humble and total bachelor. there’s not even a tv , but that’s exactly the peace i was craving. above is my friend and stylist liz. this is basically how mornings have been starting for the past 3 days. i didn’t realize how i was neglecting myself in ny, not even going once to the beach all year! anyway now i can get focused again, and sit for a sec without being pulled everywhichway…

SO, back to us bloggers…




i’ve been thinking about a game of cross promotion to feature bloggers’ items for holiday sales, etc…. i found a marquee as a jump off below. are you already doing it and if so, how?

until then…the set of pics above is from none other than the whimsical mastermind of Constance from Rochambeau, and the purse below is from her collection:


more to come!

October 21, 2007. Blogroll, Dreams, Friends, Miami, Projects.


  1. Joy replied:

    No, it’s not a dumb idea – it’s a fabulous idea! It’s all about the networking baby! I am technically challenged when it comes to designing banners but I am sure someone will step up…
    p.s. that first pic looks like heaven to me right now…


  2. Sarah in Marrakech (but soon Paris!) replied:

    I’m from Dublin, so I’ve always been near the sea, but in Marrakech we’re three hours away! Still, we made a point of visiting Essaouira as often as we could, especially during the heat of the summer – 45 degrees in Marrakech and we needed a space heater in our room in Essaouira!

    I love that green bag at the end – I just noticed that the main body of the bag is velvet! How gorgeous!



  3. karla nathan replied:

    Heck, I thought I was jealous of you while you were in Paris, but that beach looks pretty envy inspiring too.


  4. Laissezfaire replied:

    I don’t really like beaches very much but looking at that first image makes me want to be in one….right now!


  5. Sophiehoneysuckle replied:

    It looks so peaceful at the beach-hope you enjoyed it! The triple mirror I have is an antique 20’s one I bought from a junk shop-it’s very pretty! xx


  6. Annie replied:

    I think it is a great idea too! Love your site!


  7. franki durbin replied:

    sometimes you just have to get away and nurture yourself. R & R is often overlooked in our country! The Europeans have it down to a science (though I dare say the big cities like Paris and London are similar to our hectic lifestyles)

    good for you for going south and coastal!


  8. Lalla Lydia replied:

    I…LOVE…this purse. Mmm i want to hug it and take it for a night out on the town.


  9. amber replied:

    i’m a photoshop guru.. gimme a job to do and you wont be dissapointed! email listed above <3


  10. rochambeau replied:

    Dear Mdm. Paris Belle,
    I leave Bloglandia for two or three days and realize you have featured my works! Thank you dear one! What a surprise.
    It has been kind of a weird day. So this makes it very happy!
    Merci boucoups!
    Are you off to Florida?
    Well, I’m going up and find out!


  11. Paris Parfait replied:

    I am a big fan of Constance’s work! And spending time at the beach sounds like a soothing tonic. Hope you get to do much more of that! I lived in NYC for eight years, so I know what you mean about the intensity. I found I could stay there three months’ max w/o taking a break.


  12. The First Things to Do When the Kids Say They Want to See Their Other Parent replied:

    Making the Mistake of a Rebound Relationship…

    […] My daughter made a big mistake a few years ago when she got her divorce. While her emotions were still fresh and raw, she started a relationship with another man. It’s easy to see why she did it. He soothed her damaged feelings and made her feel…


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