this has been a new york minute


bon soiree! i have exactly one minute to post this so i’m gonna make it short and sweet! tomorrow i have the hugest meeting with Citicorp(!) about my trips. can you believe?! only in ny. anyway i spent today trying to find something appropriate to wear and i’m off to their office at high noon tomorrow. tonite i have to work on the material! i’ve always crammed at the last minute! damn! anyhow i realized last nite that this is my blogging anniversary so i had to just STOP and celebrate with you all. thank you for coming and all the sweet things you say. i hope we change the world one blogger at a time! today i met amy from designda for lunch. just starting to fly, making a very important mark, for sure! trying to believe she can really do it. i love how we celebrate each other…keep on truckin!

these are some pics i’m using for the brochure…suddenly i am all nervous and don’t think anything’s right!, the pressure! don’t worry i’ll try to snap out of it!!


October 10, 2007. Architecture, Fleamarkets, New York, Paris, Paris Trip.


  1. Joy replied:

    Best of luck with your big meeting tomorrow – but you won’t need it. You’ve got the world on a string, baby!


  2. Dawn replied:

    Dear Claudia, anything that you put together will be impressive. Your taste is impeccable and will reflect in everything you do! I’m a lurker of yours but had to wish you well in this endeavor….xxoo, Dawn


  3. rochambeau replied:

    You’re gonna astonish them and knock em over with your passion and talents! I’ll be thinking about you at high noon. No matter what you wear, it will be YOU that makes your clothes come alive with confidence and spirit!
    Happy one year Anniversary!
    Tomorrow will be GOOD!
    Back to sew.
    I always put things off too!!!


  4. Cindy replied:

    Claudia ~ You are going to be great!! Tomorrow will be just a walk in the park for you (the Luxembourg or the Tuileries, your choice). Wear something you love and feel great in.

    Just be yourself ~ and you’ll knock their socks off!!!

    All the best~


  5. Michelle replied:

    Make your mark. . . let your passion for what you do lead the way. . .everyone can present a thought~~not everyone can be passionate about it!! GO GET EM!!!
    (Maybe a slim fitting suit with some dashing pumps and gloves with a trench~~it is supposed to rain~~don’t forget your umbrella!!


  6. JO replied:

    this sounds too good to be true. best of luck to you.


  7. parisapartment replied:

    thanks everyone! i’ll carry your votes of confidence with me, that’s for sure!


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