alone again, naturally


back from florida, all alone…i’m staying at my parents’ house while they’re away for a couple days. my mom has been asking me for help to redecorate my old room and turn it into a proper guest room.

i found the above image on desire to inspire, and just as promised, i was inspired! it’s the easiest room in the world for mom to reproduce, the main thing would be to find a headboard. a couple mins on google images produced this one:


but then again i found this while searching for villas…suffice it to say it’s just as hard for me to lock down and commit to a style!! but don’t worry mom, the time has come and i won’t let ya down! i do love that pink satin bedspread tho…


in the meantime, i’ve been working on another remodel, my website. just thought i’d pass along a couple of great resources i found: this is from you put in your name and scroll thru thousands of logo options, changing your business statement from serious to playful in a nanosecond.


lightbox at istock had beautiful wallpaper backgrounds:


well that’s about it for both my virtual and reality decorating for tonite!

oh almost forgot, saved the best for last, i’ve been blessed by two bloggers…


thank you for my Smile Award from the following wonderful and talented ladies who have made me feel so special! i’ll get my list together tomorrow. for now:

thank you julie!! fabulous finds studio


and a thing for roses thanks lisa!!


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the trouble with wanderlust


and it IS trouble! i forgot how florida has surprises at every turn. for god’s sake, this is liz’s powder room!

anyway this life works for me right now and i am gonna do my best to move down STAT. it’s a completely other universe i love to death! plus my miami shopping trips up to, ahem, palm beach, and the auctions! FORGET about IT!

this was yesterday:





antiquing :



and my new favorite: shopping for Random Real Estate, the new division! you know i’m making this up as i go along, right?


i feel a real kinship with this one. i hope it gets into the right hands or can wait till Random RE is able to acquire it! still, it’s on biscayne which is not ON the beach. personally, i prefer ocean front property. and i did happen to find the most amazing little place for sale…


ok, this is the front yard (note the winds of change)


and this is the hotel, for sale by owner


maybe not the most glamorous YET, but look at the view…i know, how can this all happen you ask? me too! i have no idea but this is what’s next door…remember, this is miami beach, just a quiet part that’s more uptown. still undeveloped and way old skool!



i’m ready to stay next door here if it means yoga on the beach at sunrise with my aging ol pup, daisy.

liz and jezebel are our best friends and we all moved to florida together 3 years ago. i kept having to get back to ny and never got to stay. now it’s 3 years later and it may be now or never. we can’t believe we didn’t film how they used to play and tackle. now they’re 14, i think they’ll go easy on each other. we’ll see!


anyway it’s all part of the same dream, just like hotel bijoux…someone mentioned visualization in a comment the other day and it’s been on my mind ever since so thank you, it’s helping!

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check please


i’d have gone insane spending another second in ny. i haven’t had the patience for it since getting back from paris. don’t get me wrong, it’s the greatest, most intense place in the world, if you’re into ALL intensity ALL the time. finally realizing after 20 years that i’m just not that into it.

sooooo, thank god for jet blue! my guy has a pied a terre in miami beach. VERY humble and total bachelor. there’s not even a tv , but that’s exactly the peace i was craving. above is my friend and stylist liz. this is basically how mornings have been starting for the past 3 days. i didn’t realize how i was neglecting myself in ny, not even going once to the beach all year! anyway now i can get focused again, and sit for a sec without being pulled everywhichway…

SO, back to us bloggers…




i’ve been thinking about a game of cross promotion to feature bloggers’ items for holiday sales, etc…. i found a marquee as a jump off below. are you already doing it and if so, how?

until then…the set of pics above is from none other than the whimsical mastermind of Constance from Rochambeau, and the purse below is from her collection:


more to come!

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