je ne regrette rien

paris, like blogging, can never be finished no matter how much time you have. there are so many beautiful places still to go and (sniff), my last day is tomorrow. but tonite’s an homage to the things i did, and won’t regret what i didn’t. that’s what next time’s for, oui?

this is one sexy city…who else names streets after women and lingerie?


so many cute shops, each with a life of its own…


just fyi for those of you who are en route…visit BHV (but go on a weekday when no one’s there). it’s paris’ best one stop shopping for just about anything from bubble wrap to flocked wallpaper. i went for a little cadeaux for my 6 nieces and nephs and got sucked in for 2 hours! here’s le montage:


the craft section is out of this world, these are hard paper and you can do anything to them…



the wallpaper section is an education in itself, this is one of a hundred flocked wallpapers,


these are fun for those who don’t want to commit to the wallpaper or fabric walls. they’re decals, some are really detailled and exquisite


of course all the accessories are tres francais



ok well you get the point, GO if you’re here! well that’s it for now. probably what i’ll miss just as much as paris is the fact that i can blog without constraints. no one nagging me to hurry and just being able to free flow…that reminds me, i do have a midnite rendezvous with a friend on this last night aux Bar Fleur down the street! it’s a flower shop that transforms into a bar at night. went by today to check it out. it smells amazing! a bientot!


September 27, 2007. Dreams, Hotels, Living, Marie Antoinette, Mme Du Barry, Paris, Paris Trip.


  1. Chic and Charming replied:

    I love the pregnant woman sign! So chic and sexy!


  2. robyn pope replied:

    Safe travels tomorrow, I’ve so enjoyed all of your posts from Paris :)


  3. Suzy replied:

    Between you at Habitually Chic, I’m not sure who I’m more jealous of, and where I want to be more at the moment, Paris or New York! What a dilemma…


  4. chatrine replied:

    I just love all the signs!! And the wallpaper, love that too:)


  5. Joy replied:

    What a treat! Thank-you for taking so many pictures to make us all feel as we were there with you in that charming store!

    I wonder, did they sell the wallpaper by the sheet?….


  6. Anne D replied:

    I love BHV. When my aunt and cousin came for a visit they stopped in the basement level to pick up those totally Parisian address numbers for their house- a wonderful souvenir.


  7. rochambeau replied:

    Ooohh Ahhhhh Want all of those decals!
    Are you home yet?


  8. Nerissa replied:

    Ohh, I just drooled over this post. What beautiful signs & the craft section of that store. I LOVE flocked wallpaper. I could probably spend hours there. Thanks for the eye candy & I hope you have a safe trip home.


  9. Cheryl Dack replied:

    OMG!!! I’m dying over the flocked wallpaper and the cardboard candelabra!!! Wowzers!


  10. michele replied:

    it’s absolutely brilliant! what store has the cardboard chandelier’s? i must know. do they have a web page? if you would be so kind to provide me with this information… thank you. love the blog.



  11. gokhan replied:

    we make flocking wallpaper for special produces.
    can look our web pages


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