paris or provence

revamping my business has forced me to be more creative and consider other things besides retail. being here i realized it was a natural to team up with apartment and home owners in Paris and Provence!



yesterday i met with Walib from Paris Pied a Terre. he rents paris apartments and sells time shares in some too. each is renovated with high tech and state of the art appliances, etc. plus he’s hands on and has a cool crew so it’s like having friends in town. it’s perfect cause the guys love the modern decor. get them to paree ladies!



one of the best rentals (I think) he has is in Provence. it’s being renovated and isn’t advertised officially but it’s going to be finished with the same kind of detail that he uses in the apartments so don’t look too hard at the interiors like the bathrooms and kitchen! i’d like to rent it with a group in the spring, somewhere around May and/or June, so if you’re interested in the trip let me know soon. of course you can also rent it on your own too.


view from rue




from the guesthouse




extra bedroom :)


view from extra bedroom


life as we’ll know it


the charming Walid who’s at our service!

September 19, 2007. Design, Dreams, Fleamarkets, Furniture, Gardening, Holidays, Paris Trip, Projects, Real Estate.


  1. robyn pope replied:

    Great photos, we love provence.


  2. KathyD replied:

    Love all that you’re doing! Go Girl! So bummed my blackberry pooped out and was unable to contact/meet up with you while in Paris. So excited for you that you are there for an entire month! Wheeeee!

    I love me some Mariage Freres, but please, if you love M. Antoinette, take time to go to Laduree if you haven’t already escaped there for afternoon tea. There’s a tea palace on Champs Elysees, but a bit too touristy for my place, thus I always head to the original one at 16 Rue Royale. The macaroons are out-of-this-world, but the tea! Enjoy and I will love
    “catching up” via this fab blog of yours! kiss-kiss-kiss xoxox


  3. Joy replied:

    This is SO exciting! I love that you LOVE what you’re doing…. :)


  4. marita replied:



  5. Mélanie replied:

    I tell you Provence is the best . Is it in LUberon ???
    Well If it is I have another part of Provence to show you .


  6. Cheryl Dack replied:

    Oh my gosh…if only I could come there!!!! Gorgeous!


  7. laura replied:

    I went to Provence last Spring, and it truly was the most beautiful place I’d ever been. I can’t wait to go back! I really enjoy your site–it’s so inspirational!


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