lords of the fleas


i’ve made some good friends here, the fluffy guards who stay right by their masters at the markets. my dog always wandered away, maybe they give them pâté as incentive?





and some human friends too, like Christine who offers unbelievable services…like if you rent an apartment here, she’ll get the gas, electric and internet turned on for you…how cool is that!?


and as i leave today i’m looking at the signs, the words on the street. knowing i’ll be back makes it easier to leave, the fact that it’s raining and cold is definitely giving me the incentive i need to pack up and see what’s ahead!



but Paris, i was never a real Francophile, i just loved your French design. jetting in and out all these years i see now that it was only a surface and superficial love based on looks. now it’s deeper and true, yes true love for your magic and mahem and i will never be the same! most importantly i’ve learned the French are not rude, they are just very serious. they are in fact some of the most charming and gentle people i’ve ever met. in these days they’ve given me cadeaux, advice, held doors, offered seats…this has been an incredible experience, a gift i’m so glad i gave myself and i want to thank YOU, blogging friends, for encouraging me to do it. i hope to be here with you next time! all my love and see you on the other side!

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je ne regrette rien

paris, like blogging, can never be finished no matter how much time you have. there are so many beautiful places still to go and (sniff), my last day is tomorrow. but tonite’s an homage to the things i did, and won’t regret what i didn’t. that’s what next time’s for, oui?

this is one sexy city…who else names streets after women and lingerie?


so many cute shops, each with a life of its own…


just fyi for those of you who are en route…visit BHV (but go on a weekday when no one’s there). it’s paris’ best one stop shopping for just about anything from bubble wrap to flocked wallpaper. i went for a little cadeaux for my 6 nieces and nephs and got sucked in for 2 hours! here’s le montage:


the craft section is out of this world, these are hard paper and you can do anything to them…



the wallpaper section is an education in itself, this is one of a hundred flocked wallpapers,


these are fun for those who don’t want to commit to the wallpaper or fabric walls. they’re decals, some are really detailled and exquisite


of course all the accessories are tres francais



ok well you get the point, GO if you’re here! well that’s it for now. probably what i’ll miss just as much as paris is the fact that i can blog without constraints. no one nagging me to hurry and just being able to free flow…that reminds me, i do have a midnite rendezvous with a friend on this last night aux Bar Fleur down the street! it’s a flower shop that transforms into a bar at night. went by today to check it out. it smells amazing! a bientot!


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slow down, you move too fast

you gotta make the moment last! and since these are my last days, every moment counts. hard to believe it’s been almost 30 days in paris. can’t imagine what waits for me on the continent…i mostly want to take back with me the calm that i feel here, not the crazy stress of nyc i came with.


anyway, staying in to ‘work’ a little today. yesterday wiped me out, walking aimlessly and endlessly. Each night i pass a window with this book, ‘the art of doing nothing’, and decided it was a sign (i see signs everywhere) do do just that.


my only plan was to find the little abandoned hotel that’s been haunting me. in my mind we’ll all chip in and buy it, each have a floor. who is ‘we’ you ask? us! bloggers! friends! whoever, (it’s a dream, ok)!? anyway it’s for the Hotel Moderne sign below i found a couple posts ago. it has to go somewhere! but of course now that i see it’s named already Hotel Bijou (Hotel Jewel is the literal translation), we’re in a real quandry, keep the old name or the new…anyway isn’t it charmant? can you see the potential? it’s in the 11th arrondisement, are you in? (fyi it’s between the pharmacy and the boulangerie)


maybe this will help


here’s a long shot. manageable, right?


after that i wandered around looking at real estate. there are tons of apartments here for sale, some for 100,000 euros.

anyway, looking around was amazing, everywhere is a surprise. this apartment looked almost ordinary until closer inspection revealed a gorgeous shell ceiling…



my day was spent discovering new neighborhoods, starting at montparnasse and crossing the city from that side. walking for hours i was able to just stumble around, i never get to do that cause there’s always an agenda. this time it was a like a present being able to walk thru the luxemborg gardens (never did that before), and see what the other half is doing for lunch.

guess i came in the back side (no pun intended) to the rear of this statue. they looked so in love an intimate.


it was a great surprise to see the front, a family frozen in time! there’s a maternity store here called ‘1 et 1 font 3’. is that a cute name or what?


it was heaven on earth. pretty statues everywhere, flowers blooming, everyone chillin. hard to believe anything else could be happening…


lunch at the palace


of course you can’t forget the guys who hold it all together


well more later, the sun is shining!

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