la comedie du errors, sans comedie


Thank you all for your comments on my last post, it means the world to me. but it’s just not looking good. i’m sort of in a weird place right now, feeling alone and wishing i could just enjoy paris but the truth is it’s been everything single thing but gay… air france lost my luggage (on a direct flight)! so i’m blogging and waiting, i don’t want to run around another day in a dirty hoodie and sweats, ya know? i did buy a pair of jeans yesterday so i’ll venture out soon enuf and hopefully get inspired. thank god i brought my cashmere throw, i now remember why 3 year olds love their blankies so much…


in the meantime, i took these pics this am of my friend’s apartment where i’m staying in the marais. it’s the world’s smallest pied a terre but it just goes to show you that it’s all in the details. i mean everyone needs a bed and lighting so why not make it magnificent!?


i guess that’s what i love about this city, the details runneth over, and i never get tired of finding them in an endless treasure hunt of beauty…



i can’t believe i’m actually here for a month, guess i’d better get out there and get to it. today i’m checking on the hotel for my peeps who arrive in a week. shopping for new clothes seems like it would be fun but it’s strange when you have to rebuild a wardrobe…where do you start? i guess lingerie, it IS paris afterall…


well hope you liked the details of chez lorraine, i’d like to get her some pretty sheets and flowers for when she gets back. by the by, my new project is putting together a couple paris apts for rent, and this is one of them. i have a few to see this week so i’ll keep you posted.


in the meantime i’m pretending to be her…she’s one of Chesley McLaren’s creations, but a girl can dream, non?


August 31, 2007. Architecture, Chandeliers, Decorating, Fleamarkets, Furniture, Paris, Paris Apartments.


  1. theredvelvetshoe replied:

    OK~~if I could live in any apartment in Paris I think you are in it! Every single detail is perfectly understated and elegant!! I so envy you. . .except for the luggage disaster. . .just go find a sweet little cotton dress and some ballet slippers (and of course some lovely French lingerie!)
    Have a wonderful day!
    Michelle (wishing I were there!)


  2. Alyssa replied:

    Hang in there! Just think of all those people that would love to be there (like me!).


  3. Joy replied:

    I cannot believe they lost your luggage on a direct flight!

    This little pied a terre is fantastique! God is in the details as they say.

    I’m excited to hear about your new project, very intriguing.

    Hope everything turns around for you my dear… :)



  4. robyn replied:

    The apartment is charming, and your photographs capture it perfectly. Sorry to hear about your luggage. That happened to me once when traveling to Brazil. I did get my luggage back, it just took a week for them to find me. Everything happens for a reason! Enjoy shopping… look forward to hearing more about Paris.
    All the best.


  5. amy replied:

    thanks for stopping by. sorry for your troubles, particularly your auntie :o(. you too have a beautiful site. i wonder what your new project is and why a fab month in paris? i was just there for the first time this spring. if they allowed foreigners to gain employment we would never have left! my favorite shop? claude nature hands down.


  6. Sylvie replied:

    La maison de rêve! I love the little mirrored nightstand.
    Could you pick me up some new towels, bath mits, and euro shams at Tati?!


  7. Ter replied:

    So excited to hear about your month in Paris….I will be checking every day. I would be very interested in an apartment for rent…Enjoy


  8. Amy replied:

    Awh! It seems like forever and a day since the five of us sat there chatting! Still love Lorraine’s bed- wish I had something similar for reading, ‘specially!

    I wish I could FedEx a big box of hugs, hon. :) Once you get your bags, though, and get settled a little bit, things will feel better. (And lingerie most definitely ALWAYS helps, ha!) Incidentally? Air France can suck it. (Pardon mon francias, s’il te plait!!!) They lose 5 bags for each one that successfully arrives on the luggage belt- it’s MADNESS! If you’re taking Air France, you’ve got to pack a carry-on full of necessities for a coupole days until they get your bags to you. ;) Anyyyyhooooo…

    Much love and loooooooooads of good vibes to your aunt, to you, and to the rest of the fam. Bri and I each have had similar experiences in our families and it’s really tough. It’s the unpredictability of it that makes it so hard, I think. Keeping all of you in my thoughts, honey. xoxoxoxo!

    Could you please blow kisses to my favorite city for me?? :D


  9. rnvl replied:

    So sorry to hear about your lost luggage but the place you’re staying at is so lovely! That bed! That chandelier! And I can’t wait to see what apartments you come up with! (BTW, I had the girl in red as well :) It’s for a post I’m putting together for next week and you’re the only other person I saw with this photo!)


  10. Arlene replied:

    So sorry to hear about your luggage, but omigod, your friends apartment is to die for! I would never leave it!


  11. Dara replied:

    Wow!!! Every girl’s dream!! At least mine anyway!!
    Soooooo beautiful!


  12. Anna replied:

    Ouch at the lost luggage incident. I fear something like that will happen to me next week. Fingers crossed it doesn’t. Reading another persons comment, including some light clothes in our carry on luggage is a brilliant idea. I’m so naive when it comes to travel lol.

    I’m sorry things aren’t better with your aunt. Keep praying, you never know, miracle’s happen everyday.

    Now as for your friends apartment….I’m almost lost for words. My mouth litterally dropped and I gasped when I saw it. It’s just beautiful! The tiny space wouldn’t bother me at all when filled with such elegance and romance. It’s actually my dream room.

    Oh how I wish I were staying in such a place during my trip to Paris. Somehow I doubt the hotel Ibis will have the same effect LOL! Perhaps next time.. ;)


  13. parisapartment replied:

    Thank you all, you are so kind and reading your comments is truly moving. You mean so much to me, thank you god for giving me these beautiful angels who help me each day. i do love paris and this place, the luggage will turn up i hope, it’s freezing now and i have no desire to leave the apartment!


  14. marita replied:

    oh dear you must feel lonely overthere. i know all about it, staying in a place where you actually don’t belong. meanwhile paris is getting prepared for fall, weather is cooling down like here in the valley. your apartment looks very pretty and i do hope it offers you some comfort. hang in!


  15. rochambeau replied:

    Thinking about you in the beautiful Chez Lorraine! Hope your Aunt Mick is feeling better today. Somehow I have the feeling she is.


  16. cote de texas replied:

    Im glad to hear it’s better for you! Sometimes traveling, the first days are so hard and even depressing. It’s normal without all the xtra bs. This apartment is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You are SO lucky to be staying there. Enjoy!



  17. this moveable feast « the paris apartment replied:

    […] in the middle of the trip but I’m going to see what the universe throws me. may be back at lorraine’s for a couple days. i’m going to work on the Private Paris Apartments book, get my dose of inspiration and fall […]


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  19. this moveable feast – The Paris Apartment replied:

    […] in the middle of the trip but I’m going to see what the universe throws me. may be back at lorraine’s for a couple days. i’m going to work on the Private Paris Apartments book, get my dose of inspiration and fall […]


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