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i wish i could say i’m excited to leave but i’m consumed with worry about my aunt who was hospitalized saturday. she’s my only aunt, as she says, my favorite aunt. the kind of aunt i am because of her. she’s 9 years younger than my mom and never seems to change. she had a white vw with daisies on it circa 1970 and is always laughing. i’m praying for you aunt mick and thank you to anyone who prays for her too.

Here’s something i came across searching for daisies. i’d like if i were a kid.

ps: if it can make THIS room look good…

August 28, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Cindy replied:

    Blessings to your darling Aunt Mick! May God bless her with His healing hand. I’m adding my prayers to yours.

    Wishing you peace~


  2. Joy replied:

    Prayers here too Claudia – hope she is better soon…


  3. rochambeau replied:

    I will pray for healing and peace for Aunt Mick. For you Claudia I wish a safe and joy filled voyage!


  4. Anna replied:

    I’ll extend my prayers for your aunt, Claudia, I’m sorry she’s unwell.


  5. Mélanie replied:

    I will pray for your aunt and for you for a safe trip


  6. cityfarmer replied:

    how are things my dear, with your aunt?
    I’ve been away from blogger for days and just now tuning in to your news?
    I have an aunt in CA like yours…she’s 84 and still living life the fullest.


  7. claudia replied:

    Thank you all for your sweet prayers. it means so much to me. she is so young, in her 50’s and suffered an aneurysm out of the blue on saturday night after a wedding. i guess i’m trying to find meaning but that may not come for a while. xoxoc


  8. marita replied:

    wishing your aunt a swift recovery. so sorry to hear about her being hospitalized, claudia! all my blessing, love and vibes sent to her across the ocean.


  9. Jeannene replied:

    Please do have peace knowing there is an army of your friends praying for your Aunt!! I hope you have a safe and relaxing trip to and back!! Keep us Posted…



  10. Sharon replied:

    Claudia prayers said for your dear Aunt Mick and peace for you.


  11. Kathy D replied:

    ohhh, sending prayers from angels wings to your aunt’s heart. Rest well and come to France to lift your heart. Just arrived and it’s heaven here.


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