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beach studios

i have this sweltering and beautiful saturday to myself after a grueling am…so i have the choice to get sucked in to the glorious blogging world or get the h#@% out there. well i did manage a few mins of surfing i and can see this could easily become my day. SO, wanted to take a sec just to share pics of a place i found on Studio Annetta

They’re all from a place for rent in the uk called Beach Studios. everything on the site was just so pretty… anyway it was my toe into the beauty of blogging today. i hate to tear myself away but…i…must….go!


August 25, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. rochambeau replied:

    Beautiful photos, and looking forward to checking out Studio Annetta! Have a great day getting things done!


  2. Anna replied:

    That tufted feature wall next to the boiserie is absolutely heavenly!


  3. Amy replied:

    ::gasp:: The purple and blue? Isn’t THAT seductive! (well, to me, anyway…. or maybe I just really really need a good nap on an amazing bed? You, too, I’ll bet….)


  4. Diana Hodge replied:

    What beautiful pictures… Thank you for sharing!
    I’m so glad that I came across your blog while browsing today, I will surely come back.



  5. robyn pope replied:

    Love these images, I’ll have check out the site. Thanks :)


  6. Jeannene replied:

    “Hey Claudia,
    are you still around??” You better keep in touch, girl!! BTW…”Love That Decor.,simply Marvelousness!! Colors are to sink into…so,
    “OOH La La!!”


  7. Mélanie replied:

    i’ve been to their site . it is a wonderful place . Your choice of pictures is great.


  8. Felicia replied:

    How beautiful.


  9. phyllis replied:

    No guilt here about looking thru blogs for hours on end…I deserve it hehe. I’m glad you love it so much…there are worse things a person can do (thats what I tell my husband…)
    I love the powder puff you showed and am dying for the mushroom burger right now…and a tufted wall while I’m at it!


  10. karla nathan replied:

    Its so easy to get sucked into blogland and spend a day isn’t it? especially when you can surf around and find gorgeous photos like those!


  11. Sharon replied:

    Thank you for the peek into such luxury and beauty.


  12. laure replied:

    I want to fall into bed and live there for a couple of weks before going back to real life. Great find Claudia and glad your trip turned itself around. Paris can be awfully lonely…


  13. Danielle replied:

    Wow. What a beautiful room, that’s for the link. I love your blog and i’m sure to come back.


  14. Lana replied:

    Gorgeous find! I want to move there.


  15. All Things Bright and Beautiful..... Creativeflairchic replied:

    Dear Paris Apartment – you have lovely taste – a woman after my own heart!!


  16. alkemie replied:

    Love the look and the photos! I espeically like the tufted walls! The French certainly have a flair.


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