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Thank you all for your comments on my last post, it means the world to me. but it’s just not looking good. i’m sort of in a weird place right now, feeling alone and wishing i could just enjoy paris but the truth is it’s been everything single thing but gay… air france lost my luggage (on a direct flight)! so i’m blogging and waiting, i don’t want to run around another day in a dirty hoodie and sweats, ya know? i did buy a pair of jeans yesterday so i’ll venture out soon enuf and hopefully get inspired. thank god i brought my cashmere throw, i now remember why 3 year olds love their blankies so much…


in the meantime, i took these pics this am of my friend’s apartment where i’m staying in the marais. it’s the world’s smallest pied a terre but it just goes to show you that it’s all in the details. i mean everyone needs a bed and lighting so why not make it magnificent!?


i guess that’s what i love about this city, the details runneth over, and i never get tired of finding them in an endless treasure hunt of beauty…



i can’t believe i’m actually here for a month, guess i’d better get out there and get to it. today i’m checking on the hotel for my peeps who arrive in a week. shopping for new clothes seems like it would be fun but it’s strange when you have to rebuild a wardrobe…where do you start? i guess lingerie, it IS paris afterall…


well hope you liked the details of chez lorraine, i’d like to get her some pretty sheets and flowers for when she gets back. by the by, my new project is putting together a couple paris apts for rent, and this is one of them. i have a few to see this week so i’ll keep you posted.


in the meantime i’m pretending to be her…she’s one of Chesley McLaren’s creations, but a girl can dream, non?


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stock photo
i wish i could say i’m excited to leave but i’m consumed with worry about my aunt who was hospitalized saturday. she’s my only aunt, as she says, my favorite aunt. the kind of aunt i am because of her. she’s 9 years younger than my mom and never seems to change. she had a white vw with daisies on it circa 1970 and is always laughing. i’m praying for you aunt mick and thank you to anyone who prays for her too.

Here’s something i came across searching for daisies. i’d like if i were a kid.

ps: if it can make THIS room look good…

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just a quickie

beach studios

i have this sweltering and beautiful saturday to myself after a grueling am…so i have the choice to get sucked in to the glorious blogging world or get the h#@% out there. well i did manage a few mins of surfing i and can see this could easily become my day. SO, wanted to take a sec just to share pics of a place i found on Studio Annetta

They’re all from a place for rent in the uk called Beach Studios. everything on the site was just so pretty… anyway it was my toe into the beauty of blogging today. i hate to tear myself away but…i…must….go!


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