last call for paris!

[rockyou id=78588801&w=426&h=319]

i’m loving which lets you upload pics into a slide show. i know ALL of the world already know about these things with flicker etc but i admit i’m a newbie and am awestruck with fun stuff like this!

anyway, i always get excited whenever i’m about to go to paris! i have one room left on my trip in september. this is where we’re staying. (turn your speakers down, there’s goofy music) if you’re interested, let me know and you’ll get a special rate if you book your own airfare. here are some scenes from last time at the fleamarket. i like to focus on paper goods, letters and original writings, wallpaper, ribbon, trims and fabrics, lighting, mirrors and vanity fluffies but of course i do have a weakness for furniture! we’ll go to mansions and salons, the musee des decoratif arts and the home furnishings show ( i’ll show you all i know from shopping to shipping.

July 28, 2007. Fleamarkets, Paris.


  1. marita replied:

    wow claudia, what a beautiful display of your paris pictures. it looks like a decoration documentary. are you coming to paris? when? my home is not so far away from the city of lights. would love to meet you there, leave at the spot but have to work a lot these coming weeks. let me know all the details, please!!


  2. Liberty Post replied:

    Are you taking a camera crew/production crew? I hope you are planning a documentary! That would be so cool to watch you on TV.


  3. parisapartment replied:

    thanks! it would be fun to take a camera crew and descend on paris. (doubt that the french would like it too much, maybe a camera in my hat)?
    Elle magazine came with me last time and we had a ball! maybe I’ll be the director, i like being behind the camera. and yes, Marita, let’s meet up!


  4. Barb replied:

    Not able to make the trip to Paris in September (sigh) but you asked a few posts back for restaurant recommendations.

    Have you been to Amisphere yet? It’s a really wonderful spot at 14 rue Normandie.

    I couldn’t find a website, but here’s a link for a good review, (written by a wee leather bear)


  5. Jeannene replied:

    “OHHH…How Utterly Tempting!!” I would love to go…but I am afraid with 3 little ones it is so hard, Motherhood really stops you from doing those kinds of things. My heart longs to be like you, because i was into decor. before I have kids, would love to get back to that!! Keep me posted, And Claudia, Charla is supposed to be your new Partner for the M.A. Swap!! Do you need her email address again? (Email me!!)



  6. Anna replied:

    I would LOVE to join you on one of your shopping trips however as I am having a family vacation in Paris at the same time anyway, if you’re willing, I’d love to perhaps meet with you and your party in Marais for un cafe?


  7. marita replied:

    again i’m passing by, checking in if you’re still there of left for paris ;)


  8. julie atBV replied:

    HI Claudia,

    What time in September is it that you’re going? And when you say one room does that mean it’s only one person or could it be two people in one room. Let me know. I think I would be interesting in coming with you. I should tell you that a few months ago I red about your trips to Paris and I said to my self “that is something I would like to do”


  9. Joy replied:

    Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Wish I could come – I’m jealous!


  10. Mélanie replied:

    Thank you for the hotel address . I’m going to go there soon . their site is great .
    I will not go to the ” maison et objets ” fair , for me the best fair is the one in Milano even if I’m french .


  11. rochambeau replied:

    Have FUN !
    and Bon Voyage Claudia!
    You will have a great journey because it is your hearts desire to go back to Paris and have an adventure. Can’t wait to see your treasure and hear of your tales. It would be so nice to meet Marita!


  12. parisapartment replied:

    Thanks for saying something so beautiful! that means the world to me! I don’t leave till either the end of august till late september…don’t have my ticket yet…


  13. Amy replied:

    Booooooooooooooooooooooy, do I wish I could join you again for this one!! Gotta arrange maybe for next time!?! :D

    “Hi” to my favorite gals, s’il te plait! ;)


  14. Cindy replied:

    In my dreams I would join your charming adventure! What a treat it would be, to visit Paris with you and your group, searching for fabulous treasures. Wishing you a marvelous trip!!

    Bonne journee,


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