it was a tough day at the office, one of those new york mondays that gives you one-two punches all day long. i was at the end of my rope when i walked i and my guy had new music (to me) by Ali Farka Toure, i guess THE African blues legend playing with Ry Cooder of The Buena Vista Social club…it’s blissful and universal and i don’t understand a word of it. but it’s making me happy and i was not at all amused just an hour ago. you can hear it on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Talking-Timbuktu-Ali-Farka-Tour%C3%A9/dp/B00000062H


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last call for paris!

[rockyou id=78588801&w=426&h=319]

i’m loving rockyou.com which lets you upload pics into a slide show. i know ALL of the world already know about these things with flicker etc but i admit i’m a newbie and am awestruck with fun stuff like this!

anyway, i always get excited whenever i’m about to go to paris! i have one room left on my trip in september. this is where we’re staying. (turn your speakers down, there’s goofy music) www.legeneralhotel.com. if you’re interested, let me know and you’ll get a special rate if you book your own airfare. here are some scenes from last time at the fleamarket. i like to focus on paper goods, letters and original writings, wallpaper, ribbon, trims and fabrics, lighting, mirrors and vanity fluffies but of course i do have a weakness for furniture! we’ll go to mansions and salons, the musee des decoratif arts and the home furnishings show (www.maisonobjet.com). i’ll show you all i know from shopping to shipping.

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the house i lived in


ahh fresh air. finally had to escape from ny, back to my parent’s house if only for a couple days. it’s weird cause they’re away while i dog sit my daisy who’s in retirement here. of course they stocked the fridge and now even have hd tv but i must say the house is not a home without ’em!

above is the garden from where i sit in the kitchen…

i gave them this poodle for the garden 20 years ago. what was i thinking? wait, i still love it!


think i’ll get them something lush for this tomorrow


and this is The Daisy, my angel who’s now 14, and the oldest grandchild of seven. (the rest are humans). still as much a pup as ever. but her back legs are starting to give out pretty hard core. i knew this would happen one day dammit


finally feeling back to my old self after seeing Ratatouille with my niece and 2 nephews last nite. it was like being in paris with them! jake, the youngest has really taken me by surprise as all he wants to do is be with me and explore the world alone together! so i went back today and we had a private lunch (he took me to a creperie in town), and i got to gaze into his big green eyes while we played and chatted for hours.


and now off for some girl time multi tasking as i to dig into my new old book, the 1939, Orchids on your Budget by Marjorie Mills WHILE i’m charging my cell on my new fangled solar powered gadget! maybe an old movie is on too? i’m in heaven!!


orchids illustration

oh one more thing, if you’re still here, this is some fabu eye candy! LOVE the website!ah


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