my new old love affair


i finally got a new camera (sony cybershot dsc-h12) which takes amazing macro shots, (too bad i didn’t figure that part out till i got home)…anyway shooting again tomorrow to tighten up the pics will fine tune it i pray, so i can finally finish this article about the fleas…but the best part was that it brought me back to my favorite place in new york, my #1 most fun: the fleamarkets!! now if i could only sit and write without distraction…

I could have covered the world in fabric today! crazy gorgeous, affordable textiles from the 1600 and 1700’s. did i want to buy these? more than anything!

June 30, 2007. Fabric, Fleamarkets.


  1. carol herlihy replied:

    OH! Lucky you with a new camera!
    Cannot wait to see all the new photos!
    Keep up the good work!


  2. phyllis replied:

    What keeps the old fabrics from dry rotting? I’ve had pieces from the ’40’s you couldn’t even use. I guess maybe the weave was better?
    Beautiful photo Claudia.


  3. parisapartment replied:

    thank u! i don’t know about that, i’d guess so many things, sunlight, pesky moths, storage in the wrong place?


  4. cityfarmer replied:

    NOTHING like a new camera to lift ones’ spirit….

    shoot away, dear friend


  5. Gypsy Purple replied:

    Glad you have a new camera!!!!!
    These are divine….I WANT!!!!!!


  6. julie at BV replied:

    Fabulous. I am looking for vintage fabric in big quantities Do you know where I can find some. I am trying to not buy new fabric for my curtains you know I am trying to be more environmentally conscious. So far none of the organic fabrics I’ve seen out there pleased me. Any suggestion anyone?


  7. Lana replied:

    Have fun with your new camera and… oh! pardon me… let me wipe the drool off the monitor…. those fabrics are gorgeous!



  8. tongue in cheek replied:

    These fabrics make me want to take up sewing or learn how to re upholster!!


  9. "T" replied:

    Ok…I’ve seen your blog before…but my heart “stopped” momentarily when I saw these fabrics…I am in love with them…especially the top 2 in the picture….Lucky, Lucky you…how fun is it going to be just to either a.)sit and drool over them…b.) touch and caress them on a daily basis OR c.) create something beautiful from them….NO…I’m not really weird ….I don’t normally touch and caress inanimate objects…but I do loves my fabric…ya know!! Enjoy…OH and congrats on the new camera…I have a great digital…however, I haven’t learned to post pics as of yet…but I’m going to!!

    Enjoying your site!!!


  10. decor8 holly replied:

    These patterns are really beautiful, so elegant!



  11. Sandy replied:

    What absolutely gorgeous fabrics… sigh


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