i’d rather be blogging

silk n faux

guess i just love to surf this net and document some of the events of the day. le faux fur et silk satin blanket sample came back and it’s uber soft (i’m a faux fur snob)…anyway, wanted to share, now back to the grindstone, writing an article on the nyfleas…i know i’m not buying for the store anymore but…these tables were my score of the day on the weekend. Maybe i’ll keep them in my apartment for just awhile till they sell. i forgot how much i LoVe the fleas here, it’s my #1 favorite thing about NY!

attheflea/french tables

there are 2 of these pink sofas! i have to stop myself, but it’s like a candy store!

pink sofa

June 29, 2007. Fabric, Furniture.


  1. Gypsy Purple replied:

    Oh wow…but these are so lovely….


  2. sara replied:

    where will your guide to flea markets be published? I always feel lost, never knowing the best ones. A guide would be great.


  3. Amy replied:

    ::gasp:: the pink couch – SO lovely! I wonder if I can talk my husband into a pink couch….hee hee… and the dog statues…love them, too.

    I need to get out more. LOL The flea markets we have here are….not as fabulous…


  4. julie at BV replied:

    Lovely cute sofa


  5. theredvelvetshoe replied:

    Have yet to have the adventure of a NY Flea Market~~looks amazing! Do you do Brimfield? I like to hit the Sturbridge Vintage Fashion & Textile show~~a little bit of everything all in an air conditioned hotel with a bar!


  6. parisapartment replied:

    ooh yea i love brimfield. never been to strubridge. the textile show sounds like a great reason to go!


  7. tongue in cheek replied:

    Yum! The pink sofa, the nightstands…oh la la!


  8. decor8 holly replied:

    I want the dog!


  9. decor8 holly replied:

    Oh and you MUST go to Brimfield. It starts this Sunday again. I just went in May, it was fabulous. Really, you haven’t lived until you’ve done Brimfield.


  10. Abby replied:

    I am so very envious. I live in Alaska, quite possibly the only place on earth without any flea markets. Nor can I drive to any….What’s a girl to do? We don’t even have a Target store! *gasphorrorgasp*
    I painted a closet gold on the inside and put my computer station in there. But still no pink couches. *Le sigh*


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