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i finally got a new camera (sony cybershot dsc-h12) which takes amazing macro shots, (too bad i didn’t figure that part out till i got home)…anyway shooting again tomorrow to tighten up the pics will fine tune it i pray, so i can finally finish this article about the fleas…but the best part was that it brought me back to my favorite place in new york, my #1 most fun: the fleamarkets!! now if i could only sit and write without distraction…

I could have covered the world in fabric today! crazy gorgeous, affordable textiles from the 1600 and 1700’s. did i want to buy these? more than anything!

June 30, 2007. Fabric, Fleamarkets. 11 comments.

i’d rather be blogging

silk n faux

guess i just love to surf this net and document some of the events of the day. le faux fur et silk satin blanket sample came back and it’s uber soft (i’m a faux fur snob)…anyway, wanted to share, now back to the grindstone, writing an article on the nyfleas…i know i’m not buying for the store anymore but…these tables were my score of the day on the weekend. Maybe i’ll keep them in my apartment for just awhile till they sell. i forgot how much i LoVe the fleas here, it’s my #1 favorite thing about NY!

attheflea/french tables

there are 2 of these pink sofas! i have to stop myself, but it’s like a candy store!

pink sofa

June 29, 2007. Fabric, Furniture. 10 comments.

quick break for bloglove


wow, for the first time in, well i can’t remember how long, i was able to sit down and make 3 phone calls! without rushing and for pleasure! i’ve been so focused on the store that i’ve let everything important slide by. didn’t make it to the vegas wedding and didn’t make it to my bff’s shore house. well that’s what i want to change. make room for everything. i was told to break down the day into 15-30 minute intervals. I would LOVE to have that much time surfing bLoGs without guilt!

the pics? well they’re finish samples that came in today so now all the chairs and tables can be customized. it’s cool to see that coming together. these are just some, there are so many more!

now i have to go and do something great for the house…not that i feel like it, just that i made that freakin vow! well maybe i can do it every other day…but then the ‘vow breaks’, and we know what happens then! well at least every deli sells flowers for an on the fly daily dose of household beauty. then it’s back to work on the paris trip. someone told me today that it’s not 9-5 that’s important, it’s 5-9…

June 28, 2007. Design, Furniture. 3 comments.

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