Look Ma, no calories


Happy Birthday Mom! I was searching the web for a pretty cake to make and came across this fantastic blog:


That’s when I found these gorgeous PAPER cakes Jan of Poppy Talk drove by and had to stop to shoot. Thanks Mom for always inspiring me and leading me to beautiful things! You too Jan!

May 26, 2007. Tags: . Blogroll, Design, Holidays.


  1. shabbyinthecity replied:

    Happy Birthday Claudia’s mom! (I’ll take you for some real calories if Claudia doesn’t get around to it…) These are beautiful and I’m going now to see the site…thanks!

  2. Joy replied:

    These cakes look good enough to eat – thought they were real!

  3. cityfarmer replied:

    Now there’s a celebraton…there’s actually a bakery on Belmont in Chicago on the way to on of my accounts and they make cakes like that but only real cakes…and they depict unlikely things in the form of cakes like Louis Vuitton purses and the most amazing objects but CAKES you can eat…..one of these days I’m going to place an order just for the fun of it
    Happy Birthday to your loving Mom who played a role in the woman you are today….
    chat soon

  4. Gypsy Purple replied:

    Happy birthday to your Mom!!!!!!!!
    Wow…that is a stunning pic!!!

  5. BO replied:

    Just found your site. I like it! Love from Norway! :-)

  6. jan replied:

    aren’t these cakes the coolest? thanks for the mention and for visiting my blog!

  7. cityfarmer replied:



  8. Amy replied:

    Ooooooh, I’ve attempted some paper art, but never quite on this level! These wafer-thin gateaux are indeed super-cool. Belated ‘Bon Anniversaire’ to Maman aussi! :)

  9. julie at BV replied:

    Wow that is amazing. They look so eatable I get hungry just by looking at them. Thanks for the link.

  10. Shanaynay replied:

    Thats amazing darling.

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