it’s unbelievable

i guess this is my second favorite thing about new york…the wholesale district for flowers and plants. it’s heaven on earth and makes new york a soft and pretty city! flowers are an obsession for me especially here, the variety is amazing and when you see them all together it’s intoxicating…




tomorrow I’m going to treat myself!

May 23, 2007. Flowers.


  1. katie replied:

    Beautiful! The colours in the second photograph are especially lovely.


  2. Dorothy~ replied:

    What a outstanding array of exquisite colors!! It all looks so beautiful! So glad you posted these lovely images!!



  3. Gypsy Purple replied:

    Oh thank you Claudia…this made my day….I thought your post of yesterday was going to be the most beautiful of the week…then came this….


  4. Michelle replied:

    Flowers are one of my favorite thing about New York too!! (Besides being able to get Chinese Food delivered whenever you wish–which is so not the case out here in suburbia!) My friends mom lived on the upper West Side and I would pray for an invitation to visit in the Spring just so I could see and smell the flowers!! How fortunate for you!! Enjoy!!


  5. Julie at BV replied:

    I know. I love that part of New York too you can find great flowers where you never expect it.


  6. Amy replied:

    It’s so funny that my favorite colour is burgundy, yet my eye is always drawn to the pink flowers.. :)


  7. malibumediterranean replied:

    very beautiful!!!


  8. parisapartment replied:

    Thank you! new york really beat me up today tho (this post was yesterday)…i have to go back there now to remember why i like this city all over again!! i got a ticket, scammed, and had to meet my boyfriend’s model friend from forever ago! ouch!!


  9. one blue egg replied:

    Hi Claudia, I bought a scrapbook (featuring 16 or so sepia tinted photos of a young blonde gal and journal scraps (vintage of course) from you some ago, and am tickled that I found your blog tonight…and those flowers…oh how I would love to bury my face in them!


  10. cityfarmer replied:

    I’m left speechless…
    I can catch the scent wafting clear to Chicago


  11. Amy replied:

    Awh, Claudia! I have those days here, too. Hope this weekend is fab enough that it makes up for a few days ago! xo!

    ‘Intoxicating’ is a good way to put the feeling you get at the flower markets, surrounded by masses of blooms. Love that salmon-y pink tone of the blooms in the second pic, gorgeous!


  12. Daisy Cottage replied:

    Oh my! Such splendor! Oh how I wish we had something like that! Thank you for sharing with us!!!


  13. *Terramia* replied:

    Absolutley beautiful images… I adore this time of year!


  14. Southern Heart replied:

    Absolutely beautiful! The colors are amazing!


  15. Trisha Evans replied:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of the flower market. When I visit my local floral wholesalers and walk into their giant coolers, the sights and scents are so wonderfully overwhelming it’s enough to make a grown woman cry. ;0)
    Thanks for posting the lovely pictures, I too, can smell them from here.
    Trisha Evans
    Pittsburgh, PA


  16. Robin Sherwood replied:

    How pretty. The colors…and the fragrance must be intoxicating. I have always wanted to go to the wholesale flower mart.. You have just piqued my interest. I hope we can meet in New York since we both live here.
    Good luck in making your loft into the place of your dreams. With your talent and imagination you will make it just beautiful. it has great clean lines.


  17. ParisBreakfasts replied:

    Alright, I’m convinced.
    I’m going to take a walk through the flower district!


  18. Sandy replied:

    Oh, what beautiful, beautiful flowers!


  19. Danielle replied:

    Oh my goodness! I’m overwhelmed, just looking at your photos! I live in New York City. Please, tell me the location of this store? I would LOVE to have some flowers nearby, just to lift my spirits.


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