the peonies are in bloom


oh the scent!


oh the perfection!

one of my favorite things about new york: you can get peonies in white pink, fuschia and black! They last for days and the room smells so sweet. Plus you can get them at any corner deli. Thank you God!



May 22, 2007. Flowers.


  1. katie replied:

    I just stumbled across your blog and am in LOVE! What a joy it must be to have a boutique filled with all your favourite, girly things!

    How is LL’s apartment going? Any more progress pictures?



  2. Gypsy Purple replied:

    I am in love with this post…….I adore peonies….love it….but for us in South Africa…no luck… I love every picture and buy lots when I`m overseas as gifts for hosts….


  3. Joy replied:

    Peonies are my fav too! Mine haven’t bloomed yet – but close…I always have to soak mine though because inevitably they are full of ants :)


  4. carol herlihy replied:

    Did you know you need the ants for the peonies to bloom? what a relationship they have…so save the ants!
    Yes, of course I love them too!


  5. Amy replied:

    How interesting that they are called ‘black’ instead of burgundy…
    I have always been envious of those with flower markets like you have!! I have to settle for premade bouquets at the supermarket for now…


  6. parisapartment replied:

    I actually just made that up about black…thought it was dramatic but you’re right! My client was telling me about the ‘cutting garden’ she had to combat the supermarket blues!


  7. Chantal replied:

    Hi! I just discovered your blog via Gypsy Purple’s and so enjoy what I see and read here. Those flower pics are absolutely gorgeous and there’s nothing that I want more right now than dive into that bucket of peonies :-) J’adore les pivoines !


  8. Anastasia replied:

    Just beautiful! I bet it smells delicious too!


  9. victoria replied:

    Gorgeous – and the smell of all these beautiful flowers must have been amazing


  10. Princess Haiku replied:

    I found you via Gypsy Purple and glad that I did. These flowers are ravishing.. I love flowers and spend all day yesterday taking pictures of roses and a few poppies. I’ll definitely be back.


  11. ParisBreakfasts replied:

    I want to find those New York Peonies!
    Why do I only fall all over them in Paris..?


  12. Trader Joes is Such a Tease! | Arianna Belle The blog replied:

    […] paris apartment & concrete and […]


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