Thank You Lotus

I love Donny Deutch. Tonight he highlighted the Lotus Home Cleaning System, a product that charges ions in water to produce the world’s most powerful cleanser. Charging the water creates an EPA approved cleanser that is 100% organic, stronger than bleach, kills 99% of germs and iS MaDe oF WaTeR!! Every other cleaning product is bizarely unnecessary….anyway if we could get rid of all our toxic cleaners, imagine what would happen! Now if only we could get rid of those spritzing room air ‘freshners’!

April 25, 2007. technology.


  1. Joy replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    This was amazing to watch! I really like the fact that it cleans fruits and veggies, I am always worried about never getting them clean enough with all the pesticides they use now.

    P.S. Wanted to give you a link to a seller that I love on ebay. Her name is Simply Chateau. I think you might her wares too. (Just cut and paste this into your browser, I couldn’t get the link to work!)

    Have a great day!


  2. Joy replied:

    Oh, I guess the link DOES work!!


  3. shabbyinthecity replied:

    I second the motion on that ebay seller!!! I thought she was my little secret too :)
    Okay. Confession Claudia…I could live a little greener. I’ll try, okay?


  4. carol herlihy replied:

    You go girl!
    Every little bit helps to make the world more Green!
    Keep up the good work!


  5. julie at BV replied:

    Tell me about it… I hate those air fresheners. And the paradoxical thing is… they don’t refresh anything. About that cleanser thank you for the link. That is definitely what I am going to use in my house.


  6. simply-chateau replied:

    Hi there,
    Thanks so much for the mention on your wonderful site!


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