It ain’t easy being green


but i’m working on it!  Carol and I went to Greenthumb’s GrowTogether Conference since we joined the garden on 11th street.  The garden’s been there for decades, run by a very dedicated small group. i’m not really a gardener, in fact i may even have a black thumb (still waiting for my ‘low maintenance’ paper whites to bloom. my mom’s are growing like crazy)!

anyway, it was great to be with tons of people on a saturday morning, talking about community and gardening. gardens seem to bring people together. One speaker pointed out how you may not know your next door neighbor in your building but you can belong to a garden and be a part of everything from the block association to making a community for kids and seniors,  growing organic, attracting butterflies and filtering air!

Well, gotta go, my boyfriend knows i’ll be getting up at 5 and is serenading me with his guitar so…maybe i’ll sleep in tomorrow, it is sunday after all, and if not now then when!?

March 25, 2007. Gardening.


  1. Gypsy Purple replied:

    What a stunning pic……you lucky thing to be serenaded!!


  2. claudia replied:

    thanks! yeah it was really cute, Grateful Dead’s Brokedown palace. its the only dead song i have on my ipod so we shared the earplugs and sang like fools!


  3. cityfarmer replied:

    Is six o’clock good enough?


  4. cityfarmer replied:

    When you have a moment please take a peek at my stuffintheburbs blog…you can link to it from my sidebar…scroll down and down and enjoy!!!!!


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