It ain’t easy being green


but i’m working on it!  Carol and I went to Greenthumb’s GrowTogether Conference since we joined the garden on 11th street.  The garden’s been there for decades, run by a very dedicated small group. i’m not really a gardener, in fact i may even have a black thumb (still waiting for my ‘low maintenance’ paper whites to bloom. my mom’s are growing like crazy)!

anyway, it was great to be with tons of people on a saturday morning, talking about community and gardening. gardens seem to bring people together. One speaker pointed out how you may not know your next door neighbor in your building but you can belong to a garden and be a part of everything from the block association to making a community for kids and seniors,  growing organic, attracting butterflies and filtering air!

Well, gotta go, my boyfriend knows i’ll be getting up at 5 and is serenading me with his guitar so…maybe i’ll sleep in tomorrow, it is sunday after all, and if not now then when!?

March 25, 2007. Gardening. 4 comments.

nobody said it was easy

new friends

well, actually Coldplay did…

anyway, i’ve been doing it, 5 am 3 days in a row. Frazzled was a really good description of the pitfalls that may occur! I have to admit that i’ve been getting a lot done lately, but i’m not sure those extra hours are all that important to spend out of bed. I LOVE my bed! how do you mothers, wives, working women do it all? you AMAZE me!!!

Well, today i picked up some new pieces for the shop. thought i’d share. they make me ~happy~they’re so pretty, little vanity thrones…

thought you may enjoy this article, it’s out in romantic homes magazine this month…

now i’m working on NY…one of the best things about this city are its fleas!

March 23, 2007. Furniture. 10 comments.

5am and all is well


Morning! I tried writing late last night but my computer was so slow it was torture! So I went to bed early. My boyfriend had to get up for a flight (he just left) so i really had NO excuse NOT to get up and try this.

 I’m about to make green tea and follow along with the great and powerful Wai Lana Yoga on Oxygen. My new theory is that if i do even just one minute a day, it helps. Yesterday was spent in another crazy cellar so keeping my back loose is crucial. Well my computer is acting up again so i better get this out there so it will still be 5 something when this goes up! Have a great and productive day before the sun even rises! It’s weird, bed is calling! Must fight it!

By the way, Carol, who i mentioned yesterday, finally started her blog.  She’s got great ideas. One i stole yesterday was making a calendar of :15 minute intervals for projects. I’m sure she isn’t the first to invent it, but then we color coded it to  see what blocks of time i have. it’s amazing!

0h, one other thing that’s really made me think from the book ‘The Wealthy Spirit’ by Chellie Campbell. (thanks Lisa). List absolutely everything you buy from parking meters, to where the ATM cash goes to checks you write. I was shocked, thinking I only bought necessities for the business so why nickel and dime. Her theory is that if you don’t know where your money is then you won’t be entrusted to more. Fascinating darling!

March 21, 2007. Living. 6 comments.

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