Le NY Pied a Terre is underway

right side



Just a quick few pics since some of the furniture and the curtains have arrived! LL wants the sofa recovered in a brown velvet with nailheads all around. I’ll miss the pink but it’s ripped and really does need a lift. I want a valance over the window, maybe I can convince her. As for the curtains, they are sheers with velvet applique and the anchors are 3 silk panels in one. Still need tons of stuff. Seems it’s always the same whether it’s a mansion or a tiny apartment!

February 21, 2007. Design.


  1. cityfarmer replied:

    I think in pink….as the designer I would be giving a slight push toward the pink…but “give the lady what she wants”….(Marshall Field)

    I have a wonderful sofa posted on my sidebar…it’s brown with nailhead…I am consigning it at the moment at a boutique in Chicago….my heart flips with brown too…as a matter of fact, brown and that old vintage dirty pink make nice companions.
    I will be waiting to be able to feast on the finished project.


  2. parisapartment replied:

    I hear you! My mantra is ‘think pink’ so it’s way against my grain to tear it off :(
    thank god i LOVE brown and we can always throw in a pink silk pillow SOMEWHERE!


  3. Buffy Hamilton replied:

    Hello! This is looking gorgeous already! I am with you—I hope she will stay with the pink, but the brown has possibilities, too. I LOVE the curtains!

    Thank you for the update! This is so much fun to see one of your works of art in progress! Your blog is just FABULOUS! :-)


  4. shabbyinthecity replied:

    That second photo is great. New York, huh?
    I’m not sure what an LL is…I am behind here. But I hope you make her happy…


  5. parisapartment replied:

    LL is my client! all the photos are NY, the second is her apartment view thru her new curtains…


  6. shabbyinthecity replied:

    Now I get it! Some people use DH for ‘dear husband’, etc.
    Thanks for the link~that is great :)~Merci beaucoups~


  7. carol replied:

    oh i think I would leave it pink too I dont mind little bit of shabbiness love the curtains too


  8. Arlene Tomasetti replied:

    Love brown and pink…thats where I’m going since I cannot make up my mind between paris style and cottage, so thats my answer to combine them both!


  9. Angela replied:

    Looking good – I love the big tri-paneled mirror “thing” with drawers!!! I have a scallop backed chair similar to one photoed – its pea soup and ripping but I can’t bare to recover it!


  10. cityfarmer replied:

    On pins and needles now….waiting…waiting for updates..


  11. Steve replied:

    Its looking good, keep up the good work.


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