Paris ce soir


Off to Paris! This was up for auction last time i was there. Can’t wait to see what awaits this trip!

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Vintage Wedding

 dining room

Hi Claudia!  
I’m wondering if you have any ideas or advice for floral centerpieces for a vintage themed wedding.  I’m having it in June in a 100 year old hotel and I’m trying to achieve a madcap vintage feel – sort of Victorian meets Art Nouveau. 
The ceilings are super high and for colors I’m thinking rasberry/eggplant/berry tones.


Hey MF, check out my friend Lynn Goldfinger’s

She has an amazing collection of all things Hotel. I was lucky enough to photograph her home and objets. She always has great books on the site along with all sorts of treasures from grand hotels of the past. Lido

Mix them with antique tablecloths and use the tiny pitchers for individual flowers at for each guest. They’d make fantastic favors!

sf flowers Check out the flowers at for amazing combos! Since the ceilings are so high you can light candle chandeliers overhead for real drama and romance.

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Starting from scratch


One of the women coming on the trip to Paris just got this charming apartment in the city and wants to make it her pied a terre here on the continent! Seems like no matter how small the apartment is, it may as well be a mansion! We’re starting with the paint…chocolate on the hall walls, dove in the bathroom, butter in the kitchen and the same dove in the bedroom. Trims are cream and ceilings are all turquoise. Wall trim has a tiny metallic accent.

We need every thing from chandeliers to a bed and a comfy chair. Armoire for a flatscreen, desk, chair, daybed, rug, lamp, nightstands and of course treasure hunt for accessories at the fleas.

January 23, 2007. Design. 2 comments.

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