Dog Days

d and jThis is my dog Daisy and her best friend Jezebel sending holiday love.  They’re not total vegetarians but the chops are faux i swear!! They’re 14 years old this year and still have radical joie de vie~hope i will too at their age!


December 4, 2006. Daisy.


  1. Jann replied:

    I received your web site and I thought you might be interested in looking over more sites of French things-and foods. You’ll see the list on the right hand side,click on these and you will find more-enjoy!


  2. Claudia replied:

    Hi Jan
    Thanks for writing! i would love to check out your links…where are they exactly?


  3. Jann replied:

    Have a wonderful New Year- and a safe and prosperous one at that! When are you going to Paris again????I am sending your site to my daughter…….maybe soon she can visit your store. I will stop in when I am there this Spring. Stay in touch when you can…a bientot! Jann


  4. parisapartment replied:

    Hi Jann,
    Happy New Year! Just wanted to say hi and definitely stop by when you get to NY this spring!


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