Louis Icart

icartLouis Icart is one of those artists who captured daily life with playful images of women doing very ordinary things. I’ve started collecting some of the older pictures and came across some I’d never seen before. If you love him too, check out his etchings.  Everyone was so risque for a time so refined!

this is the link on amazon. (Note:) The cover of his erotica book is a bit much but inside is fab if you can get past the cover!


November 15, 2006. Louis Icart.


  1. Melissa replied:

    Something about Icart is quite dreamy. Very soft and sensual too.

    Another artist I find interesting but different in techniqueis the art deco artist Tamara de Lempicka. Her life was almost as interesting as her art- I think the best book I read on was A Life of Deco and Decadence.(I got it through amazon.

    Her paintings had those smooth, curving deco line, minimilistic, yet also exaggerated and sensual.
    I wish I could afford one!!

    We have an old vaudville/movie palace nearby. Inside it looks like the hall of mirrors at Versailles- just unbelievable. The walls and ceiling are so artistic themselves.

    Strange fact: In other countries , if one wanted to show support for the poor Marie Antoinette, they would tie red velvet ribbon chokers about their neck!!!


  2. Ernie Sandidge replied:

    I noticed this bit about Icart on your site. I’m selling some Icart etchings for a client (not for a percentage or any other such scam). Just helping a client who doesn’t know anything about the work. If you’d like to see them I can send you images and they would cost less than the retail prices. They are all signed and stamped with Icart’s blindstamp.


  3. Larry Jordan replied:

    I’d be interested in acquiring etchings or art associated with Louis Icart.


  4. Mobila replied:

    I like this style.. )


  5. Donna replied:

    I have an original L. Icart painting.
    Email me for details, I will send pictures.


  6. Donna replied:

    and my Email is jones1743@netscape.net

    my father accquired it around 1960
    in VERY good condition!


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